A Complete Multilingual WordNet List by Language

by Samuel Chong (schong2@go.pasadena.edu)
Pasadena City College
(Last update: February 6, 2015)

What is WordNet?

WordNet is a lexical database that groups words into sets of synonyms called synsets, providing short definitions and usage examples, and records a number of relations among these synonym sets or their members. WordNet can thus be seen as a combination of dictionary and thesaurus. While it is accessible to human users via a web browser, its primary use is in automatic text analysis and artificial intelligence applications. Both the lexicographic data (lexicographer files) and the compiler (called grind) for producing the distributed database are available

Multilingual WordNet by Language and Their Licenses

Below is a table of multilingual WordNet by language and their licenses, as well as other pertinent information.  Please contact me if you have any additions.

Language Multilingual WordNet Name License
Afrikaans Afrikaans WordNet Afrikaans WordNet License: For educational or non-commercial research only
Albanian AlbaNet GPL 3.0
Arabic Arabic WordNet CC by SA 3.0
Armenian N/A N/A
Azerbaijani N/A N/A
Basque EusWordNet (Multilingual Central Repository) CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 
Belarusian  N/A  N/A 
Bengali Bengali WordNet  Browse Online, CC By 3.0 
Bosnian N/A  N/A
Bulgarian BulNet Browse Online, CC By 3.0
Catalan  Catalan WordNet-LMF  CC by SA 3.0 
Cebuano N/A N/A
Chichewa N/A N/A
Chinese Chinese WordNet (Taiwan) WordNet
  Chinese Open WordNet WordNet
Croatian Croatian WordNet CC - BY - NC - SA 3.0
Czech Czech WordNet CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 and WordNet
Danish DanNet WordNet
Dutch Dutch WordNet Dutch WordNet License: Free for research only.
  Open Source Dutch WordNet CC SA BY 4.0
English Princeton WordNet of English WordNet
Esperanto N/A N/A
Estonian Estonian Wordnet (EstWN) CC BY-NC-SA 3.0
Filipino N/A (currently in development) N/A
Finnish FinnWordNet CC BY 3.0 and WordNet
French WOLF Cecill-C license (LGPL compatible)
  WoNeF CC-By SA 3.0
Galician Galician WordNet-LMF (Multilingual Central Repository) CC BY 3.0
Georgian N/A N/A
German GermaNet Free for academic research
Greek Greek Wordnet CC by SA 3.0
Gujarati Gujarati WordNet Browse Online
Haitian Creole N/A N/A
Hausa N/A N/A
Hebrew Hebrew WordNet WordNet
Hindi Hindi WordNet GNU FDL
Hmong N/A N/A
Hungarian Hungarian WordNet OPEN FOR ACADEMIC USE MetaShare Commons NonCommercial-NoRedistribution (MSCommons_NoCOM-NC-NR)
Icelandic IceWordNet CC BY 3.0
Igbo N/A N/A
Indonesian Wordnet Bahasa MIT License
Irish Irish Language Semantic Network GNU Free Documentation License
Italian ItalWordNet ELRA END USER
MultiWordNet CC BY 3.0
Japanese Japanese WordNet WordNet
Javanese N/A N/A
Kannada Indo Wordnet Browse Online
Kazakh N/A N/A
Khmer N/A N/A
Korean Korlex (Korean WordNet) Browse Online (currently not working)
Lao N/A N/A
Latin MultiWordNet Latin CC By 3.0
Latvian N/A N/A
Lithuanian Lithuanian WordNet CC BY SA 3.0
Macedonian Non Public N/A
Malagasy N/A N/A
Malay Wordnet Bahasa MIT License
Malayalam N/A N/A
Maltese N/A N/A
Maori N/A N/A
Marathi Marathi WordNet Browse Online
Mongolian N/A N/A
Myanmar (Burmese) Under development N/A
Nepali N/A N/A
Norwegian Norwegian Wordnet - Bokmål CC - ZERO, WordNet
Persian Persian Wordnet Free to use
Polish plWordNet WordNet
  PolNet Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License
Portuguese Onto.PT Portuguese WordNet CC BY 3.0
  Open Wordnet Portuguese CC BY 4.0
  WordNet.PT Browse Online
Punjabi N/A N/A
Romanian Romanian WordNet 3.0 MS Commons - BY - NC - ND
Russian RussianWordnet WordNet
Serbian Serbian Wordnet CC BY NC
Sesotho N/A N/A
Sinhala Sinhala Wordnet Wordnet
Slovak Slovak WordNet CC BY SA
Slovenian sloWTool Online Browse
Somali N/A N/A
Spanish MultiWorldNet Spanish CC by 3.0
Sundanese N/A N/A
Swahili N/A N/A
Swedish Swedish WordNet-SALDO CC BY 3.0
Tajik N/A N/A
Tamil Tamil WordNet N/A
Telugu Indo Wordnet Browse Online
Thai Thai WordNet WordNet
Turkish Turkish WordNet WordNet
Ukrainian N/A N/A
Urdu Urdu WordNet Browse Online
Uzbek N/A N/A
Vietnamese VietSentiWordNet WordNet
Welsh Gweiadur Gwerin
Yiddish N/A N/A
Yoruba N/A N/A
Zulu N/A N/A

Wordnets and Translation Applications

Concerning translation, wordnets can be used both directly as an auxiliary tool and as a lexical basis for machine translation, as distinguishing between multiple possible senses of a word is an important subtask of most NLP applications, machine translation amongst them.

In fact, machine translation is one of the most direct applications of word-sense disambiguation: if we are able to identify the correct semantic meaning of each word in the source language, this will allow us to determine with more accuracy the appropriate words that lexicalize it in the target language.

Currently, Google Translate uses wordnet data along with statistical machine translation method to improve its translation results.


Finnish: http://teemapoint.fi/

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