MultiWordNet 1.39 release is currently available. It includes
information about 58,000 Italian word senses, 41,500 lemmas and 32,700
synsets (in correspondence with the English equivalents). It also
includes a labelling of all WordNet 1.6 synsets with domain labels
(see WordNet Domains page for details).

Creative Commons License

MultiWordNet is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
Unported License.

To obtain a license please fill the ONLINE FORM

MultiWordNet data are provided as a dump of a MySQL database, together
with Java API if required. From the next release, an html-based
interface using Apache/php/MySQL will also be available.  For a
detailed description of the distribution data format click HERE.

For more information about MultiWordNet please contact the following persons:
Laura Segalla :
Emanuele Pianta :
Bernardo Magnini : 

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