Editing Your Writing

Editing is an important part of writing. It is where you look at your paper with a critical eye. Editing is also using what is called The Writing Process. Your computer can help you with some of these tasks, but not all of them!
Common Errors in Editing
Not editing at all! Editing counts for a large portion of your writing grade, yet some students try to squeak by without editing at all. You can show that you have edited by attaching your pre-writing and rough drafts to the back of your final draft.
Not using the entire writing process when you write. When you write for a grade at school, you are expected to use the entire writing process.
Not applying basic rules of spelling. Don't forget to check your spelling!
Here is a link to a Junior ThinkQuest Project with some spelling activities.
A Simple Revision Checklist A Simple Proofreading Checklist ABC's of the Writing Process Proofreading Symbols
Spelling Tests On-Line Using an Outline-
a Pre-Writing Activity describing the Election Process
What is The Writing Process? George Washington's Rules of Civility - A spelling and grammar activity using Washington's writings as a young boy.
Using an Outline - A Pre-Writing Activity about Women's Suffrage Using a Venn Diagram to Compare and Contrast the Presidential Candidates Interview a person in your community - An activity using the entire writing process "Dress Up" your paper for a proper presentation and go for that "A"!
A Fantastic Resource for Spelling - lots 0f common rules, commonly misspelled words, etc.       


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