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We are extremely sorry to inform you that Yabin passed away on September 21, 2011 due to an accident. Her friend and she were driving near Ceres on September 21, 2011 for vacation. A truck came towards them with a full load of rocks. One rugby ball sized rock fell off the truck and hit their windscreen. It went through the windscreen and hit her head terribly. She passed out and later on passed away because of brain damage and internal bleeding.

This page is to commemorate her for her dedication of services for Abacus Chinese Translation Services.

Chinese translator in Cape Town, South AfricaYabin is a Chinese translator and Mandarin interpreter in Cape Town, South Africa.  An excellent communicator, she specializes in medical related translations and interpretations.  Please see below for her translation and interpretation related experiences.

Yabin's Experiences (Translation/Interpretation Related)

July 1994-Feb 2004 : (China)
Part-time Translator: Translate academic (medical) articles into English for publish purpose.
Part-time Liaison: Part-time working in special leukemia clinic named "Chinese Traditional Medicine Treatment in Leukemia" as an international liaison. Dealt international patients with consulting, diagnosis, treatment, and follow up via internet

Feb 2004- Sep 2009: (Port Elizabeth, South Africa)
As a Chinese teacher, taught Chinese for Port Elizabeth Government delegate to China for economics review

Part-time liaison, worked for Greenstar Company (cc), which is involved in trade with Chinese businessmen. Attended business meeting as a Chinese/English translator. Organized business trips for Guangdong International Trade Fair in China for MR Peterpan -the director of the company

As a liaison, assisted Chinese businessmen trade with South African businessmen such as importing goods, clearing customs etc.

As a Part-time translator (Chinese –English), worked in Netcare Greenacres Hospital in Port Elizabeth. Helped Chinese patients who could not understand English to access to Medical assistance, which included admissions to hospital and discharge etc.

Oct 2009 to Current: (Cape Town, South Africa)
Being Part-time translator (Chinese –English), currently working in Netcare Blouberg Hospital in Cape Town, helping Chinese patients who cannot understand English to access to Medical assistance.

Organized small tour group (2- 3 South Africans) to China and a 14 day trip to Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin.