Team of Court Certified Chinese Interpreters
Mary Ma - Mandarin Interpreter, Court Certified Mandarin Interpreter with Engineering Background in California

Interpreter for Patent, Intellectual Property, Federal and ITC Cases

Mary is a court certified Mandarin interpreter in the Bay Area of California. She has a telecommunications engineering degree from Nanjing Institute of Technology, Nanjing, China. (1986) She used to work as a software engineer and in 2003 she became a full time court interpreter. She is specialized in serving the intellectual property litigations; she is familiar with the unique challenges in the patent cases serving as the interpreter on a few ITC trials. Some of the cases she has been engaged in include: Global locate V. Mitac, SiRF, et al.; Laser Dynamics V. ASUS; Microsoft V. EEE; Seiko Epson V. Coretronics; Funai V. Chi Mei, TPV,et al.; Applied Materials V. AMEC; Adams V. Dell, Futjitsu, et al.; Broadcom V. SiRF Tech. She has been the interpreter in depositions, in pre-trial preparation and in trials.

Below is her resume:
• Certified court interpreter/translator (Certification # 301137)
• Telecommunications Engineering degree and working engineering experience
• Specialize in intellectual property litigation: clients include many of the top IP firms


April 03 – Present Court Interpreter, California, USA
• Participated in over 60 IP cases, interpreting at depositions, trials, trial preparations and document reviews.
Specialized knowledge required in these cases includes: electronics, telecommunication, software, semiconductor, manufacturing processes, finance, sales and marketing. Specifically: IC design, packaging and manufacturing, CRT and LCD panel technology and manufacturing process, Storage devices designs, GPS technology, Satellite communication, Digital TV software and hardware design and Computer hardware and software design (Graphic cards design, Optical drivers, etc.)
2006, interpreted at a patent infringement trial in Judge Ward’s courtroom in Marshall, Texas
2008 and 2009, interpreted at ITC trials in Washington DC
• Over 2,000 hours of simultaneous/consecutive interpretation/translation experience encompassing all types of legal proceedings, including over twenty criminal and civil trials, and over 200 depositions
• Court appointed Mandarin interpreter for the Superior Court of California, San Mateo County.

October 90 – April 93
The Translation Service, New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs
• Translation of documents for legal, immigration and academic accreditation purposes.

January 89 – June 91
Software Engineer
AWA New Zealand Ltd.
• Software and hardware development of real-time industrial data capture, material handling and inventory control systems
• Pre and post sales customer support, installation and commissioning of the same products

July 87 – January 89
Software Engineer
New Zealand Telecom
• Analysis, design, coding, debugging, documentation and maintenance of telecommunication software for NEC NEAX61E telephone exchanges.

August 86 – July 87
Graduate Student
Department of Electrical Engineering
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
• Research on signal processing algorithms, hardware implementation and development of voice recognition software applied in the automotive industry


Bachelor of Engineering in Telecommunications Engineering, Nanjing Institute of Technology, Nanjing, China (1982 –1986)
Some of the subjects credited are: Advanced mathematics, Engineering mathematics, Physics, Circuit analysis, Assembly languages, Network topology, Linear circuits, None-linear circuits, None-linear networks, CAD for electronic circuits, Mechanical drawing, Semiconductor components, Signals and systems, Analog circuits, Digital circuits, Electromagnetic field and electromagnetic wave, Information transfer and processing, Satellite communication, Microwave technology, Principles of reliability, Digital signal processing, Mobile communications and Microprocessor principles