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Welcome! Friends,

C L A S offers you supplementary learning material on Chinese language and original articles on what's happening today in Chinese language and Chinese culture.

This site is not only a free support for the users of
HyperChina, but also an electronic magazine for anyone interested in Chinese language or Chinese culture.

C L A S will be updated whenever we have time.

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China Links! It gives you all the high-quality links you need to explore China on the Net.

(Animated cursive calligraphy courtesy of Mr. Wang Xizhi [321-379 A.D.].)

Check out our movie critic Jerlian Tsao's review of the latest film "Keep Cool" by the director Zhang Yimou.

What gifts to buy for your friends in China, Taiwan, or Hong Kong? Here's a surprising recommendation.

Alex Hui of Canada wants to share with us an article he wrote on his recent trip to China and Hong Kong.


* Internet and China - this is definitely going to be a big issue over the next few years. With private Internet accounts and Internet cafes gradually growing and the Chinese government declaring its hardliner position on Internet censorship, will Internet change China? WIRED magazine has a
full report on Internet and China in their June 1997 issue.

* Check out the new "
Cool Sites of the Month" in our ChinaLinks page - Chinese cyberart, the best online Mandarin tutorials, the easiest way to read Chinese, Japanese and Korean on the Web...

* The English is a little weird here? Don't be alarmed, it's called "Dragonics"! Now that Ebonics has joined the family of world languages, you'll see more Dragonics in use all over this country too! (It's only a joke... :-D )

* Just added is our film critic Jerlian Tsao's latest review of director Chen Kaige's (Farewell My Concubine) new film "Temptress Moon," starring (who else?) Gong Li. This lengthy review not only discusses Chen's new work but also touches on trends in contemporary Chinese filmmaking in general.

* What's happening to Gong Li besides "Temptress Moon"? Well, among other things, she just got married to a tobacco tycoon. And then there's a new film with Jeremy Irons, which is being shot right now. See our latest
Gong Li Update.


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