SinoLogic Software was founded in 1991 by a group of scholars and educators at the University of California, Berkeley. Our company is dedicated to the development of top-quality multimedia works on Chinese language, art, and culture.

HyperChina - Interactive Chinese is only our first step. We have also just published the only WWW magazine designed for students of Chinese language - Chinese Learner's Alternative Site (CLAS).

Currently, our plans for future publishing include: a "surrealist" multimedia Chinese learning CD-ROM, creative multimedia works on Chinese art, and CD releases of sound/text art and experimental music on the Sounding Gourd label.

The SinoLogicians are:

Dajuin Yao (Ph.D., a.b.d.) - Chief Designer/Writer/Programmer

Jerlian Tsao (Ph.D.) - Creative Director

Burkard Polster (Ph.D.) - Special Consultant

John Robinson (Ph.D.) - Technical Support

Wen Yao (M.A.) - Asia Liaison

Lingling Li - Marketing Director


SinoLogic Software
P.O.Box 5242
Berkeley, CA 94705

1-800-869-9654 (U.S. only)

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