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Hong Kong Tourist Association (The best general information site on Hong Kong.)

Eyewitness Ancient China (This is the best, if not the only worthwhile, site on Chinese arts. A new presentation offered by the National Palace Museum, Taipei, this site shows you the cream of the former imperial collection. Good commentary. Must see for all lovers of Chinese art.)

Elixir (Want to read Chinese on your Mac but can't afford Apple's Chinese Language Kit? Then get this shareware, which lets you read all types of Chinese code, as well as Japanese and Korean!)

Wenlin Institute (Wenlin is perhaps the most powerful online Chinese dictionary available. You can access it whenever you're reading Chinese text, either online or off-line. For both Macintosh & PC. Recommended for all intermediate and advanced students of Chinese.)

Miao Miao Miao (An indescribable Chinese avant-garde Web art site. Where else can you find Chinese concrete poetry/virtual music/conceptual art/experimental Buddhist art using the Web as a medium and incorporating new technologies such as Shockwave and animated GIFs?)

Chun Xia's Cyberart Gallery (Chinese avant-garde art on the cutting edge. Find also the link to his "RED" series. Full of allusions and symbolism for you to meditate on long after surfing on the Net.)

Richwin Chinese System Software for Windows (Richwin is perhaps the best Chinese system for Windows PCs. A special, inexpensive Internet version is your fastest solution to viewing all Chinese, Japanese, and Korean documents on the Web. Also includes an instant on-line dictionary. )

Conversational Mandarin Chinese Online (Excellent set of lessons on colloquial Mandarin Chinese, by the pioneer of Mandarin distance learning and a vanguard of computer-aided learning of Chinese language, Prof. Tianwei Xie of the University of California, Davis. Very useful and well-organized sentences and dialogues. Good sound recordings. More lessons to follow. This is one of the few online tutorials that really work - that is, you can really learn to speak with it. Highly recommended.)

Chinese Character Genealogy - An Etymological Chinese-English Dictionary: Zhongwen Zipu (Rick Harbaugh's excellent and immensely useful Chinese character etymology dictionary. Learning the interconnections between characters is the best way to really get to know the characters. You can search by Pinyin, Zhuyin (BoPoMoFo), Radical (just as in a traditional dictionary), stroke count, English, and root pictographs. Includes over 4000 characters. Also has hyperlinked online text for reading. Requires Chinese system with traditional Chinese font. )

Chinese Online Tools (Erik Peterson's wonderful new suite of tools for Chinese learners - English-Chinese dictionary; character flashcards; a Big-5 <-> GB code converter; a converter for various romanization systems; and an amazing module that adds Pinyin to any Chinese Web page.)

Shanghai-ed !! (Graham Earnshaw's Shanghai) (A real look at Shanghai by a westerner living there - someone who loves and really knows the city. This is the most interesting site on Shanghai you'll ever see. Includes comprehensive list of links.)

Teach Yourself Cantonese (Learn a few Cantonese words and phrases.)

English - Chinese Dictionary on WWW (By Richard Wong. A good online dictionary that supports Big5 and GB codes. Chinese system required to read the output. Great tool when combined with the following - you can copy the characters from this page and paste onto the following page.)

Chinese Character Pronunciation (You type in or paste in Chinese characters, and you see Pinyin spelled out - no sounds. Limited database. Requires Chinese system and browsers that support Java and frames. This is a powerful tool when combined with the above English-Chinese dictionary. Also supports Cantonese pronunciation.)

Audio Tutorial of Survival Chinese (Sentences in English and Pinyin, with sound files in .au format)

Chinese Multimedia Tutorial (A simple page that teaches a few phrases; poor sound quality)

Learning Chinese Resources (Ian McLoughlin's experiences on studying Mandarin)

Study Mandarin Chinese Using VOA (Voice of America) (Intermediate level; requires Real Audio)

Chinese Language Radio Broadcasts (Various radio broadcast info)

Conversational Shanghai Chinese (An excellent and rare chance to learn the Shanghai dialect. Marred only by the poorly recorded sound files.)

Cantonese Pronunciation (You type in a character to find out the pronunciation. Sound files included. You can also type in the pronunciation to find the character. Offered by the Chinese University of Hong Kong.)

Chinese Linguistics Page (By Hu Wenze and Tao Hongyin. Very informative, with many related links. There is also a mirror site in Ohio, and another mirror at Harvard.)

Ethnologue Database: China (List of all languages/dialects spoken in China. Everyone should take a look.)

Marjorie Chan's ChinaLinks (Prof. Chan's carefully maintained page of annotated links to Chinese language and linguistics sites.)

LingNet Chinese Sites (Offered by the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center at Monterey, to support military linguists.)

Chinese Language Related Resources (By Mark Giles)

Sources of Chinese Text Files

Chao Yuen Ren Center for Chinese Linguistics

Cantonese Language Association

Fairbank Chinese History Virtual Library (Excellent source on modern China)

Classical Historiography for Chinese History (By Prof. Benjamin Elman, UCLA. For advanced students of Chinese history.)

People's Republic of China (An outline of the history of PRC from the Univ. of Maryland)

A Brief History of China (From the beginning to the present, by Paul Frankenstein)

China the Beautiful (A huge collection of misc. info on Chinese culture)

Early Canons in Translation (Translations of early Chinese historical and philosophical texts by Gary Arbuckle)

Chinese Culture - Images (An extensive collection of pictures related to Chinese history and culture)

Chinese Philosophy Page (By Steven Brown; the most extensive resource on this topic on the net)

Su Tzu's Chinese Philosophy Page

Dao De Jing - by Lao Zi (A new translation by Prof. Patrick Moran; Chinese text with English translation)

Web Resources for the Study of Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism (A wealth of resources maintained by Charles Muller, including Muller's translations of some major texts)

Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library (A complete resource on Buddhist studies, maintained by two professors at the Australian National University)

Chad Hansen's Daoism Page (By a professor at H.K. University)

Taoist Resource Center

Confucianism (A very short introduction by Judith Berling)

The Electronic Bodhidharma (Wonderful site of the International Research Institute for Zen Buddhism, Kyoto, Japan; with lots of Zen - or "Chan" in Chinese - and Buddhism links, and the largest collection of primary texts on the Internet)

Zen Garden (A delightful garden of Zen links)

Dharma: Buddhist WWW Sites (List of major Buddhist sites)

CyberZen (A source of Buddhist, Zen, and Taoism Web links)

Alan Watts Electronic University (Books and tapes by the late Alan Watts)

Chinese Classics (Dr. Pei Minglong's page; in Chinese and English)

Chinese Classical Poetry (Dr. Pei's page; in Chinese and English translation)

An Outline of Traditional Chinese Literature (Well-written; but does not include recent developments in mainland China)

Classical Chinese Novels (Dr. Pei's page; English translation)

Chinese Novels (Modern and classic novels in various Chinese codes)

Classic Novels (4 classic novels in Chinese)

Classical Chinese Literature in English (Confucius, Lao Tzu, Sun Tzu)

Chinese Literature Page (By Council on East Asian Libraries)

Catalogue of 20th-Century Chinese Classics (From China Books)

A List of Chinese Bookstores Worldwide (Compiled by John Kieschnick, Stanford Univ.)

Beijing Opera Page (Everything you'll ever want to know about...)

Kunqu: Chinese Classical Drama (The only Web source on Kunqu - the highest form of Chinese operatic art and was popular even before Beijing Opera. Page in English and Chinese but still under construction)

Chinese Traditional Music (Christopher Evans' excellent introduction to traditional Chinese music. One of very few serious English Web sites on traditional Chinese music.)

Guqin (7-string zither) (Guqin performer/scholar John Thompson's excellent site on this ancient and most important Chinese musical instrument.)

Chinese Classical Music (Reviews of several CDs by Todd McComb)

Chinese Music Page (Large collection of audio files of Chinese music, as well as some historic speeches)

Chinese Music Page (Another site with many audio samples)

Chinese Rock Music Black List (Great resources)

China Rock (A review by Steven Schwankert)

Cui Jian Homepage (By Yang Zijiang)

Dou Wei Homepage (Another rocker from Beijing)

Development of Rock in China (Good history of Chinese rock)

Official Bad Boys or True Rebels (Article on Chinese rock by Geremie Barme)

Asian Pops Internet Resources (Huge list of fan pages of Asian pop)

Faye Wang's CyberLinks (You'll be shocked to see how much is going on here...)

Rock Net (Site of the largest Chinese pop record company; English version available)

Music Sound Files (Large collection of Chinese music files)

Music of China (Audio samples of Chinese music)

Hong Kong Music Charts (Find out what's selling in HK - Mandarin and Cantonese pop. In Chinese only.)

Splendors of Imperial China: the Largest Exhibition of Chinese Art in the U.S. (Collection from the Palace Museum that attracted 430,000 visitors at the Metropolitan in New York will travel to the Asian Art Museum in S.F. from 10/14 to 12/8, 1996 and the National Gallery in Washington, D.C. from 1/27 to 4/6, 1997. Organized by the National Palace Museum in Taipei and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, this spectacular exhibition presents 450 art works from the Neolithic period through the 18th century. Most of these national treasures were in the imperial collections. And most works have never been seen outside of China. See the next entry for more info.)

National Palace Museum U.S. Traveling Exhibit (The official site of the "Splendors of Imperial China" exhibit. Tour info and full exhibition catalog.)

National Palace Museum, Taiwan (The former imperial collection; the best collection of Chinese art in the world)

Traditional Chinese Painting (A brief introduction)

Classical Chinese Painting (Pictures and links)

A City of Cathay (An 18th-century copy - 38 feet long - of a 12th-century handscroll by Zhang Zeduan, depicting city life in Kaifeng)

Arts of China (Picture of Chinese art objects)

Selected Paintings of Qi Baishi (A gallery of Qi's paintings)

Chinese Calligraphy (Good introduction to the unique art of Chinese calligraphy)

Chinese Archaic Jade (The best site on this subject, with lots of photos)

Traditional Chinese Jade (An introduction)

Chinese Archaic Jade from the Kwan Collection (A Hong Kong collection)

Contemporary Chinese Art (Works by several contemporary Chinese artists, some for sale. Caution: works are of mediocre quality.)

ArtAsian (An Asian art gallery in San Diego)

Asian Arts (The online journal for the study and exhibition of Asian arts)

Orientique (An antique dealer in Hong Kong)

Chinese Movie Magic (A good introduction to Chinese films)

Chinese Cinema Homepage (The most extensive bibliography of scholarly works on Chinese cinema, maintained by a Ph.D. candidate at U.S.C.)

Chen Kaige (Filmography)

Asian Invasion (An article in Time magazine on Chinese films with lots of links)

Asian Movie Homepage

Zhang Yimou Homepage (One of the leading directors in China)

Zhang Yimou Web site (The definitive Zhang Yimou Web site, by Fabian Ziesing of Germany)

Zhang Yimou Filmography

Gong Li (The definitive Gong Li page)

Gong Li Filmography

Ju Dou (A review of the 1991 movie by Zhang Yimou)

Temptress Moon (A movie poster)

Catalogue of Films on Video Tape at Nanhai (A video distributor; all films with English subtitles)

The Gate of Heavenly Peace (Official site of the excellent movie on the student movement of 1989; lots of info)

Hong Kong Cinema (Contains more than you want to know about the subject. Very strong news section.)

Hong Kong Movies Homepage (An extremely informative homepage from Sweden! A must for all HK movie fans.)

The Temple of Jackie Chan (Yes, just what you think it is.)

Mainland China:

Internet Guide for China Studies (Your entrance to China on the Net. Carefully annotated. Provided by Dept. of Chinese Studies, Vienna University.)

Chinascape: Chinese Web Index (Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong)

City.Net China (Links to China)

China Window (Great way to explore China on the Net. A mainland site.)

China Home Page of the Institute of High Energy Physics, Beijing (Many links to various servers in China)

Colleges and Universities in China (A complete list)

BeijingUniversity Homepage

Chinese Yuan Daily Exchange Rate (Exchange rate of China's dollar)

World Factbook - China (By the C.I.A.)

Map of China (Large GIF file: 331k)

Beijing Window (Government, news, tourism, business, art...)

Facts on Beijing (History, points of interest, important phone numbers, etc.)

The Forbidden City - Palace Museum (A primitive virtual tour of the Former Palace)

Beijing Weather (Four day forecast)

Shanghai Window (Tourism, business, real estate...)

Cyberway to Chinese Information (Cyberway is an Internet service provider in Shanghai)

What's New in Shanghai (An electronic monthly magazine by the News Office of Shanghai government, with digest of Shanghai newspapers in English and Chinese)

Ye He's Shanghai Homepage

Shanghai (The city of Shanghai)

Internet Access from Shanghai (By Ye He)

Shanghai Weather (Four day forecast)

Hangzhou Pictures (Photos of one of the most pleasant cities in China)

Tianjin Homepage (Maintained by Nankai University)

Shenzhen Window (Many business leads for this Special Economic Zone)

Guangzhou Daily News (In English)

Travel to China (Travel services)

Scenery Pictures of China (China News Digest InfoBase)

A Day in the Life of China (2 dozen pictures from the Time publication)

Scenery of China (Some pictures of famous places)

Places and Faces (A collection of high-quality pictures taken all over China by Damon of Hong Kong)


Taiwan WWW Virtual Library (Your entrance to Taiwan on the Net.)

Taiwan WWW Master Index (The most complete list of Web sites in Taiwan; in English)

YamWeb Navigator (Taiwan's version of Yahoo)

ROC Online (Especially good on trade and industry)

Taiwan Government Information Office

City.Net Taiwan (Many links to Taiwan)

The Republic of China Yearbook (Information on Taiwan and Chinese culture)

Hong Kong:

Hong Kong WWW Virtual Library (Your entrance to Hong Kong on the net)

Hong Kong Bridge

Hong Kong Terminal (Access to the many sides of Hong Kong, includes the powerful "eShop" - Hong Kong Interactive Business Directory)

rec.travel Guide to Hong Kong (A must for anyone traveling to Hong Kong)

City.Net Hong Kong (Lots of links to Hong Kong)

The University of Hong Kong Homepage

Macau (Ao'men) Homepage

From the Multilingual Battlefield (How to deal with multilingual computing on multi-platforms, by Urs App)

Viewing Chinese on the WWW

Read Chinese in Net Applications (Mac, Windows, UNIX)

How to make a Chinese OS 7.5 from Net ResourcesFAQ on how to take get add-ons for your Macintosh Chinese Language Kit system. This text itself is in GB code.

Hanzi in Eudora Page (How to read and write Chinese email using Eudora)

Chinascape: Chinese Web Index (Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong)

Rich's Pinyin Fonts for Macintosh (Really nifty TrueType Pinyin fonts! For Mac & PC.)

Chinese Character Codes (An intro to some Chinese character and Kanji codes by Christian Wittern)

Wubizixing Input Method (A complete tutorial for a character-based input system for simplified Chinese by Joe Wicentowski)

Unicode Consortium Home Page

DynaLab Chinese Fonts (DynaLab is the maker of the best Chinese fonts for PC and Mac)

Macintosh Chinese Page (By Patrick Moran)

IFCSS Chinese Software Library (Chinese applications for various platforms and operating systems now available at this ftp archive.)

Catalogue of Chinese Shareware (From CND)

Commercial Chinese Software for PC

Chinese Software Web Site (By Norman Matloff, U.C., Davis)

Display Chinese Text in Java (For programmers)

A Java Application for Creating Chinese Text GIFs (You need Sun's JDK or other environment for running Java applications)

Apple Computer Hong Kong

Apple Computer Taiwan

AimNet (Provides Internet services in Asia)

Chinese Connectivity Pages: Macintosh

Chinese Business Center (Doing business with China?)

New Expatriate (An independent English-language zine published by foreigners in Taiwan)

Chinese Culture Workshop (A newsgroup-like Web page where you can post your question on anything related to Chinese culture)

China News Digest

Chinese Recipe Exchange (Sponsored by Wei-chuan Foods, who also publishes Chinese cookbooks)

Taste of China (Chinese recipes)

Chinese Divination (An excellent source of ancient Chinese wisdom)

The Journal of Chinese Medicine (A U.K. site)

Acupuncture in the U.S. (Good source for all Chinese medicine)

Acupuncture Homepage (By the Foundation for Traditional Chinese Medicine, U.K.)

Qi Journal (The Joural of Traditional Eastern Health and Fitness)

China News Digest - Global (English version, published 3 times a week)

China Daily Online (China's only national English-language daily; includes Business Week; subscription required)

Digital Chinese Library (The Center for Chinese Studies Library at U.C., Berkeley)

Asian American Network (By Asian Business Co-Op)

Chinese Television Network (24-hour satellite TV broadcasts cover Asia and North America)

Chinese Zodiac (Find your animal sign)

Sabrina Liao's Chinese Astrology Page (A fun zodiac page)

Chinese Calendar (Printing, conversion)

Asian Astrology Homepage

Feng Shui on the Web (A list of Chinese geomancy sites)

Feng Shui - Geomancy

Robin's Chinese Bookstore (Mostly books in Chinese from mainland China)

Asia Now (Hawaiian Public Television)

Martial Arts Resource Site

Tai Chi (Wu Style Taiji Quan - Shadow Boxing)

Chinese Chess - Xiang Qi (Everything you need to know about Chinese Chess, which is much more fun than Western chess. You can also find lots of shareware Chinese chess programs to download.)

InfoChina (Business and economy information site)

TCFA Update (A newsletter of the Chinese Finance Association)

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