DESKTOP REFERENCES Preserved by Chinese Translation Services

1911 Encyclopedia Britannica
18th and 19th Century Maps of North and South America (David Rumsey Collection)
1Up Info: Encyclopedia and Reference Resource
Acronym Finder
Activities in the Chesapeake Bay Region (US Geological Survey) (a free question and answer service) (business yellow pages) Reference
All You Can (global index of magazines and newspapers)
American and English Poetry, 1250-1920
American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 4th ed.
American Shores: Maps of the Middle Atlantic Region to 1850 
Ancestry: 2000 (US Census Bureau) Map Center
AnyWho (AT&T Phone Books)
AreaConnect (local information sources)
The Art and Architecture Thesaurus Browser
Ask Jeeves (Ask questions in plain English)
Ask Me Help Desk
Atlas of Cyberspaces
Atlas des Deutschen Reiches (1883)
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations (1919 edition)
Biografías y Vidas (in Spanish)
Biography Center
Biography Page
Blaeu Atlas (UCLA) historic maps
Buzzword Dictionary
Canada at Scale: Maps of our History
The Canadian Encyclopedia
Canadian Geographic Atlas Online
Canadian Geographic Magazine
Canadian Social Research Links
The Catholic Encyclopedia
CIA World Fact Book
Classical Music Resources
Color Landform Atlas of the United States
Columbia Encyclopedia
Computer Almanac
Computing Dictionary
Congressional Glossary
ConvertPlus (online weights and measurements conversion)
Countries of the World (
Crime Library
Current Value of Old Money
David Rumsey Collection of Historical Maps (North and South America)
Defunct Amusement Parks
The Devil's Dictionary (Ambrose Bierce)
Dial Codes Plus (International Dial Codes)
Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online
Dictionary of Slang
Digital Atlas of New York City
Digital Atlas of the United States
Dollar Times (Financial Calculators)
Earth Resource System (detailed information on US localities)
Economic Policy Institute's DataZone
Encyclopaedia Britannica
Encyclopaedia of the Orient
Encyclopedia of Law and Economics
Encyclopedia of World History
Ethnologue: Languages of the World
EuroDicAutom (the European Commission's Translation Service--terms in 12 languages)
Fast Facts
Find a Grave (Photos of graves of famous people)
Flags of All Countries
Freedom of Information Center
Free Searches (from
Gateway to Online Resources (Univ. of Iowa Libraries)
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Encyclopedia
Geograph British Isles
Geography (
Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names
Global Gazetteer
Globastat (global statistics) (directory of glossaries)
Google Maps and Satellite Images
Great Buildings Collection
Great Images in NASA Library of Images
Guide to Geography
Guide to Grammar and Writing
Guinness World Records
Historical and Cultural Atlas Resource [Shockwave]
Historical Atlas of Canada
Human Languages Page
Hyper Dictionary
A Hypertext History of the United States
How far is it? (calculates the distance between two places)
INFOMINE: Scholarly Internet Resource Collections
InfoSpace White Pages
Information Please
Inlibris: Literary Directory
Internet Movie Database
Investigative Resources
Jewish Encyclopedia
Lexicate Online Dictionary List
Lexicool (Directory of Translation Dictionaries)
Librarians' Index to the Internet
License Plates of the World
Lycos People Search
Map Library, History Department, United States Military Academy, West Point
MapQuest! Interactive Atlas
Maptech MapServer
Maps of the World (UN source)
Medical Dictionary
Merck Medical Manual
Merriam Webster Online
The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Timeline of Art History
Microsoft TerraServer (aerial photos)
Modern Language Association Language Map
Museum of Hoaxes
My Reference Desk
NationMaster (interactive country comparisons)
National Atlas of Canada
National Atlas of the United States
National Geographic Map Machine
National Imagery and Mapping Agency
National Statistics Online (Britain)
Number Watch
Oddens's Bookmarks (5,500 plus links to maps)
Official City Sites
164 Currency Converter
OneLook Dictionaries
Online Conversion
Online Dictionary and Thesaurus
Online Dictionary Net
Online Etymology Dictionary
Online Glossaries and Dictionaries
Online Writing Lab (courtesy of Purdue University)
OneLook Reverse Dictionary
Panoramic Maps Collection, Library of Congress
Periodic Table of the Elements
Periodical Historical Atlas of Europe, 1 A.D. to A.D. 1700
Phone (international coverage)
Photographic Atlas of the Moon
The Probert Encyclopaedia
Public Health Image Library
PubMed (public access to Medline, the database maintained by the NIH National Library of Medicine)
Public Records Online
The Quotation Pages
Reference Shelf: Biography
Religions of the World
Resource Shelf
Reverso Free Online Translator
Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases
Rotten Tomatoes (Movie Reviews and Previews)
Rulers (heads of state and heads of government)
Search Systems (links for searching free public records)
Simpson's Contemporary Quotations
The Skeptic's Dictionary: A Guide for the New Millennium
Social Security Death Index
State and County Quickfacts (US Census Bureau)
Statistical Abstract of the United States, 1996 (requires Adobe Acrobat)
John H. W. Stuckenberg Map Collection
Survey Net (Information and Demographics about the Net) ("the world's largest on-line encyclopedia of graphical symbols")
Telephone Directories on the Web (U.S. and foreign countries)
TerraServer Homepage
The Thesaurus of Geographic Names
Time Dial (Time Zones, Dialing Codes, Area Codes and Currency Converter)
Time Service Department, U. S. Naval Observatory
Twentieth Century Authors
UN Atlas of the Oceans
Uncle Sam -- Documents from the Feds
Uncle Sam's Reference Shelf (county and city data)
Unit Conversion, Weights and Measures etc.
Units of Measurement
US Administration on Aging
US Dept. of Education
US Gazetteer (Census Bureau)
US Postal Service Web Site
US Postal Service Zip Code Directory
Virtual Reference Library
VolunteerMatch: Volunteer Opportunities Online
White (people look-up)
Wikipedia--The Free Encyclopedia
William Strunk's classic on writing, The Elements of Style (1918 edition)
Windows Live Local (maps and views)
WordNet --a Lexical Database for English
Wordsmyth: Educational Dictionary-Thesaurus
World Atlas
World Clock
World Factbook
World Flag Database
World Gazetteer
World Rulers
World Time Zones
WWWebster Dictionary
Yahoo People Search


Cities Guide (The Economist)
Deutsche Bahn European Railroad Timetables
Google Maps
A Guide to New Orleans
Lonely Planet--Down-to-earth travel information
Mappy--Road Guide
Paris--The City of Light is on the Web
The Rough Guides
Sacred Destinations
Time Out: The World's Living Guide
U.S. Dept. of State Travel Site


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