SOURCES FOR U.S. GOVERNMENT & POLITICS Preserved by Chinese Translation Services

2002 Census of Governments
1997 Census of Government, Vol. 1 (US Census Bureau)
ABC News, The Note
ACLU Freedom Network
AllPolitics (CNN)
Almanac of Policy Issues
American Religion Data Archive
American FactFinder (US Census Bureau)
Amnesty International Report 2005
Annenberg Political Fact Check
Annual Defense Reports (Dept.of Defense)
Antitrust Division, US Dept. of Justice
Arms Trade Revealed: A Guide for Investigators and Activists
Atlas of US Presidential Elections
Biographical Directory of the United States Congress, 1774-Present
Brennan Center for Justice (NYU School of Law)
Budget of the United States Government Fiscal Year 2005
Bureau of Justice Statistics
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Campaign Desk
Census 2000
Census of Governments, 2002
Census Bureau Home Page
Center for the American Woman and Politics
Center for Public Integrity
Center for Responsive Politics (includes information on lobbyists)
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities)
The CIA Home Page
CJR Campaign Desk
Commission on the Intelligence Capabilities of the United States Regarding Weapons of Mass 
Commonwealth of Virginia
Congressional Directory (106th Congress)
Congressional Pictorial Directory (107th Congress)
Congressional Quarterly
Congressional Research Service Reports
Congress Votes Database
The Annotated US Constitution (ASCII & Adobe Acrobat Reader formats)
U.S Constitution (different format and a search engine)
Conversations on the Constitution (ABA)
Council on Foreign Relations
Crime in the United States, 2003 (FBI)
C-SPAN's Congressional Glossary
C-SPAN's Congressional Information Center
Curiae Project: US Supreme Court Records and Briefs
Deep Throat Uncovered
Death Penalty Information Center
Declassified Satellite Photographs (US Geological Survey, EROS Data Center)
Defense LINK (US Dept. of Defense Home Page)
Department of Homeland Security
Department of Transportation
Destruction (2005)
Earth Resource System (detailed information on US localities)
Elections 2003 (U. of Mich. Documents Center)
US Environmental Protection Agency
Environmental Working Group
EROS Data Center (U S Geological Survey Site)
The FBI Files (selected files)
Federal Government Agencies on the Internet
Federal Government Documents (Univ. of Missouri, St. Louis)
Federal Judicial Center
Federal Justice Statistics Resource Center
Federal Register
FedNet (broadcasts Federal Govt. activities)
FEDSTATS (links to statistics and information produced by 70-plus federal agencies)
FedWorld Information Network (with search capability)
FindLaw Constitutional Law Center
First Amendment Center
FirstGov (official website for searching the US Government)
Fiscal Survey of States, Nov. 2002 (National Governors Association)
Frequently Used Sites Related to U.S. Federal Government Information
Google Uncle Sam (search engine for US Government sites) 
Government Guide (Government Services Made Easy)
Government Online Bookstore
Government Printing Office
GPO Access (Govt. Information Portal)
Guide to Political Research On-Line
Harvard University Institute of Politics
Harvard University Institute of Politics Forum Video Archive
Hieros Gamos law and government site
House of Representatives: Office of the Clerk
House of Representatives Home Page
How our Laws are Made
Investigative Resources
Law and Politics Internet Guide (includes the Internet Law Library)
Law Library of Congress
Library of Congress Home Page
List of US Federal Government Agencies (from LSU Libraries)
Miller Center of Public Affairs
The National Archives and Records Administration
National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States
National Criminal Justice Reference Service
National Institute on Money in State Politics
National Intelligence Council
National Security Agency
National Security Archive (NSA)
National Security Archive (GWU)
National Security Council
Newspaper Editorial Cartoonists' Index
The NTIA (National Telecommunications & Information Administration) Web Server
Federal Register Home Page (access to important government documents) (The Online Source for Money in Politics Data)
OYEZ U.S. Supreme Court Multimedia
Political A Search Engine for Politics and Policy
Political Science Links (Touro College)
Political (search engine)
Polling 101 (The Roper Center)
Project Vote Smart (Check up on the public servants you elected.)
Propaganda Critic
Public Agenda Online
Public Opinion Surveys (Chicago Council on Global Affairs)
Records of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)--Guide
Right Wing Watch Online (People for the American Way)
Roll Call--The Newspaper of Capitol Hill
Search Systems (Public Records Databases)
State and County Quickfacts (US Census Bureau)
State of the Cities (HUD)
State Resource Center
Social Studies Sources (links to sites for all the social sciences), "your source for news on the states"
Stately Knowledge (information on the states of the Union)
Statistical Abstract of the United States, 1878-2005
Statistical Abstract of the United States, 2008
Strategic Intelligence Links
Landmark Supreme Court Cases
Supreme Court of the United States
Supreme Court Monitor
Supreme Court Multimedia Database (The Oyez Project)
Supreme Court Opinions, 1937-Present (search engine)
This Nation: American Government and Politics
THOMAS: Legislative Information from the U S House of Representatives
Understanding the Federal Courts
US Census Bureau Subjects Index
US Census Bureau: State and Metropolitan Area Data Book - 5th Edition
US Census Bureau Voting and Registration Statistics
US Dept. of State: Official Web Site
US Federal Government Agencies Directory
US Government Documents
US Government Info/Resources
United States Code
United States Government Manual, 2000/2001
United States Government Manual, 2001-2002
US Senate History Page
US Senate Home Page
Virginia General Assembly
Virtual Tour of the U.S. Government
Voter Turnout from 1945 to Date
Web Guide to US Supreme Court Research
Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents
The White House Home Page
WisStat (Wisconsin statistics)
Yucca Mountain Project

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