HISTORY EXHIBITS (A SAMPLING) Preserved by Chinese Translation Services



Ancient Civilizations (British Museum)
Ancient Egypt (The British Museum)
Ancient Egyptian Artifacts Exhibit
Ancient Egyptian Culture Exhibit
Ancient Egyptian Virtual Temple
The Ancient Greek World
Ancient India
Ancient India (British Museum)
Ancient Pompeii (includes great aerial photos)
Ancient Stones of Scotland
Art of the First Cities (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Coins and History of Asia
Digital Egypt for Universities
Diotima's Art Links (the ancient world)
Duke Papyrus Archive (wonderful artifacts from ancient Egypt)
Eternal Egypt
The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization
Hatshepsut: From Queen to Pharaoh
Images of Women in Ancient Art
In the Beginning: Bibles Before the Year 1000
Life in Ancient Greece Reflected in the Coinage of Corinth
Maecenas: Images of Ancient Greece and Rome
Museum of Ancient Inventions
Mysteries of Egypt (The Canadian Museum of Civilization)
Persepolis and Ancient Iran (Oriental Institute Photographic Archives)
Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology
Pyramids: The Inside Story (NOVA)
The Quest for Immortality: Treasures of Ancient Egypt
Sculpture of Angkor and Ancient Cambodia
Smith College Museum of Ancient Inventions
Stone Pages: Guide to European Megoliths
Treasures of Ancient Egypt
Tutankhamen: Beneath the Mask
Trajan's Column


The Age of King Charles V of France, 1338-1380 (The Bibliothèque Nationale de France)
Book of Hours of the Duc de Berry
Castles of Wales
Chartres: Cathedral of Notre Dame
Chateau of Versailles
Encompassing the Globe: Portugal and the World in the 16th and 17th Centuries
The End of Europe's Middle Ages
European Voyages of Exploration, 15th and 16th Centures
The Galileo Project
The Heuneburg Museum: Early Celts on the Upper Danube
Giotto: The Scrovegni Chapel
Handbook of German Dress
Higgins Armory Museum
Illuminating the Renaissance
Images of Medieval Art and Architecture
Imperial Costumes from Ottoman Turkey
John Bull and Uncle Sam: Four Centuries of British-American Relations
The Land of Genghis Khan
Latitude: The Art and Science of Fifteenth-Century Navigation
The Leaning Tower of Pisa
Leonardo da Vinci, Master Draftsman
Love and Yearning (Persian Poetry and Painting)
Medieval Writing
The Mind of Leonardo
New France--New Horizons (French Canada)
Palladio's Italian Villas
Renaissance: What Inspired this age of balance and order?
Shakespeare's Globe
Treasures of the Czars: An Historical Exhibit
Triumph of the Baroque (Nat. Gallery of Art)
Vatican Exhibit: Rome Reborn
Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga
Writing on Hands: Memory and Knowledge in Early Modern Europe
Welsh Castle Tours


1901: Living at the Time of the Census (England and Wales)
The 1916 Rising: Personalities and Perspectives (National Library of Ireland)
1936 Olympics, Berlin
Alexander Palace Time Machine (an exhibit on the residence of Russia's last tsar, Nicholas II)
American Museum of Natural History Congo Expedition, 1909-1915
Andrei Sakharov: Soviet Physics, Nuclear Weapons and Human Rights
Anne Frank the Writer
Apollo-Soyuz Test Project
The Art of the First World War
Berlin Airlift: Documents, Images, History
Beyond the Pale: The History of Jews in Russia
Black Europeans (British Library)
Bodleian Library, Oxford University (19th and 20th century motoring and transportation images)
Britain, 1906-1918
British Empire Exhibition 1938
Canada by Train
Canadian Heritage Information Network (includes virtual exhibits)
Canadian Museum of Civilization
Chateau of Versailles
Children's Drawings of the Spanish Civil War
China: Fifty Years Inside the People's Republic of China
China in the 1930s (Images from the University of Wisconsin)
China's Cultural Revolution (photos of Li Zhensheng)
Churchill and the Great Republic
Computer Museum History Center
Cold War
Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race
The Crystal Palace, 1851
Jacques-Louis David: Empire to Exile
The Endurance: Shakleton's Legendary Antarctic Expedition
Enola Gay
Extra Ordinary Every Day: The Bauhaus
Formosa: Nineteenth Century Images
Sigmund Freud: Conflict and Culture
Sigmund Freud Museum, London
Sigmund Freud Museum, Vienna
GULAG: Soviet Forced Labor Camps and the Struggle for Freedom
Horizons: Canadian and Russian Landscape Painting, 1860-1940
Images Canada
Imperial Palaces of St. Petersburg (Russia)
Imperial War Museum, London
Italian Life Under Fascism
Jewels of the Romanovs
John Bull and Uncle Sam: Four Centuries of British-American Relations
The Last Best West: Advertising for Immigrants to Western Canada, 1870-1930
The Last Jews of Libya
Meeting of Frontiers: Exploring and Settling the American West and Siberia
The Hedda Morrison Photographs of China, 1933-1946
Museum of E-Failure (the Web's great gilded age)
Museum of Questionable Medical Devices
Nanking 1937
Napoleon (PBS)
Napoleon and the Art of the Empire Style, 1800-1815
National Railway Museum (UK)
Nazi & Soviet Art
Open Hearts/Closed Doors: The War Orphans Project
The Peopling of Canada, 1891-1921
The Peopling of Canada, 1946-1976
Picturing Power: Posters of the Chinese Cultural Revolution
Plakaty.Ru (Soviet Posters)
Posters of the Spanish Civil War
Railway Women in Wartime Britain
Remembering Nagasaki (includes riveting photos taken in the city in 1945)
The Russian Avant-Garde Book, 1910-1934
Russian Imperial Easter Eggs
A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
St. Michael's Abby (memorial to Napoleon III)
St. Petersburg (Russia) in Postcards
The Siege and Commune of Paris (1,200 photographs from 1870 and 1871)
The Soviet Poster
Soviet Posters
Soviet Posters (Cyrillic fonts--and a knowledge of Russian--are useful)
The Spanish-American War in Motion Pictures
St. Paul's Cathedral, London
They Still Draw Pictures (a collection of over 600 drawings made during the Spanish Civil War by Spanish school children)
Topography of Terror (Nazi Institutions of Terror, Berlin)
Virtual Museum of Canada
Virtual Museum of New France
Virtual Museum of Political Art
William Hogarth and 18th Century Print Culture
Women Come to the Front (World War II)
World War I and II Posters (U. of Minn.)
World War I: Virtual Seminars for Teaching Literature
World War I: Lost Poets of the Great War
World War II Exhibit: A People at War
World War II Poster Collection


1492 Exhibit (Library of Congress) "...the ocean blue and all that"
1904 World's Fair, St. Louis
1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire
The 1930s on Display (from Amer. Studies at U. Va.
350 Years of Jewish Life in America (Library of Congress)
African American Odyssey
Alcatraz Island
Alexander Hamilton
America from the Great Depression to World War II (FSA-OWI photos)
American Historical Images on File: The Native American Experience
American History and Art from New England
American History Sweatshop Exhibition (Smithsonian)
American Indians of the Pacific Northwest (photos and text)
American Memory Collection Finder Search (Library of Congress)
Amusing America (San Francisco Museum and Historical Society)
Afro-Americ@ Black History Museum [QuickTime]
Alexander Graham Bell's Path to the Telephone
The American Experience: Eleanor Roosevelt
America's Jazz Heritage Home Page (Smithsonian)
American Treasures (Library of Congress)
American Visions (the history of America's people and places through its art)
Anti-Imperialism in the United States, 1898-1935
At Home in the Heartland (Illinois)
H.H. Bennett's Photographs (mostly Midwest US)
Beyond Face Value: Depictions of Slavery in Confederate Currency
Black Wings: African American Pioneer Aviators
Bound for Glory: America in Color, 1939-1943 (photographs)
By Popular Demand: Jackie Robinson and Other Baseball Highlights, 1860s-1960s
The Capitol Project (U.S. Capitol building)
Centennial Exhibition: Philadelpia 1876
A Century of Progress: The 1933-4 Chicago World's Fair
Chicago ''L''.org - The Chicago Rapid Transit Internet Resource
The Circus in American, 1793-1940
Civil War Women On-line Archival Collections
Coca-Cola Television Advertisments
Connecticut History Online
Digital Archive of American Architecture
Digital Library Initiative, U. of Washington
Dot City: Dorothy Parker's New York
Down the Drain: Chicago's Sewers: The Historic Development of an Urban Infrastructure
Dramas of Haymarket
Edison After Forty
Eleanor Roosevelt--American Visionary
The Emergence of Advertising in American, 1850-1920
Entertaining America: Jews, Movies, and Broadcasting
Exploring Amistad: Race and the Boundaries of Freedom in Antebellum Maritime America
Eye Contact: Modern American Portrait Drawings from the National Portrait Gallery
Eyewitness to History: 25 Years of the Presidency
The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit
Farber Gravestone Collection
Fats Waller Forever
Flights of Inspiration: The Wright Brothers
Frank Lloyd Wright
Benjamin Franklin: In His Own Words
Franklin and his Friends: Portraying the Man of Science in 18th Century America
Freedmen and Southern Society Project
From the Home Front and the Front Lines (Library of Congress)
The Gettysburg Address Exhibit
The Great Chicago Fire and the Web of Memory Exhibit
Historic American Sheet Music (1850-1920)
Historic Mount Vernon
History Explorer (Nat. Museum of American History)
HistoryWired (objects at the Nat. Museum of American History)
The Hoover Dam: Lonely Lands Made Fruitful
Iconography of Hope: The 1939-1940 New York World's Fair
Images of American Political History
Inventing Entertainment: The Motion Pictures and Sound Recordings of the Edison Companies (L of C)
Jackson Davis Collection of African-American Educational Photographs (1915-1930)
Japanese-American Exhibit (World War II)
Jefferson's Blood
July 1942: United We Stand
Lewis and Clark: The National Bicentennial Exhibition
The Lincoln Museum Exhibit
Life Interrupted: The Japanese American Experience in World War II Arkansas
Lincoln North
Louisiana: European Explorations and the Louisiana Purchase
Lower East Side Tenement Museum
LSU Digital Library (Louisiana, USA)
Madison, Wisconsin--Celebrating 150 Years
McIntyre, Pennsylvania: The Everyday Life of a Coal Mining Company Town
Making the Dirt Fly: Building the Panama Canal
Mark Twain at Large: His Travels Here and Abroad
Medicine and Madison Avenue, 1840s to the 1960s
Minnesota Territory Exhibit
MoMa (Museum of Modern Art)
Monticello: The Home of Thomas Jefferson
Museum of United States Essays and Proofs (postage stamps)
Music for the Nation: American Sheet Music
National Museum of American History
National Museum of the American Indian (Smithsonian)
National Park Service Historic Photograph Collection
National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
Native Words/Native Warriors: Codetalkers in World Wars I and II
100 Years of New York City
New York World's Fair, 1964-5
The Northern Great Plains, 1880-1920: Photographs from the Fred Hultstrand and F.A. Pazandak Photograph Collections (Library of Congress)
Philadelphia Historical Digital Image Library
Photographing History: Fred J. Maroon and the Nixon Years, 1970-1974
Picturing Hemingway: A Writer in His Time
Pierpont Morgan Library, New York City
Pluralism and Unity: Exploring the American Identity
Posters American Style (National Museum of American Art)
Presidential Timeline of the Twentieth Century
The Price of Freedom: Americans at War
The Psychedelic '60s
Quake: 1906 San Francisco
Railroad Maps, 1828-1900
Red Scare Image Database (1918-1920)
Religion and the Founding of the American Republic (Library of Congress)
Salem Witch Museum
San Francisco Cable Car Museum
Shaw Memorial Home Page (Nat. Gallery of Art)
The South Texas Border, 1900-1920 (photographs from the Robert Runyan collection, Library of Congress)
The Spanish-American War in Motion Pictures
The Star-Spangled Banner
Steaming West: Railway Activity Westward Through Kansas, 1860-1890
Stereoscopic Visions of War and Empire: the Spanish-American and Philippine-American wars
Taking the Long View: Panoramic Photographs, 1851-1991 (Library of Congress)
Theodore Roosevelt: His Life and Times on Film
Theodore Roosevelt: Icon of the American Century
Thomas Jefferson Exhibit (Library of Congress)
Today in History (exhibit changes daily)
Uncle Tom's Cabin and American Culture
The Underground Railroad (Nat. Geographic)
Unpacking on the Prairie: Jewish Women in the Upper Midwest  
US Army Vietnam Combat Art
The Valley of the Shadow, 1995 (The Civil War: A Comparative Study of Two Cities)
Virtual Jamestown
"Votes for Women" Suffrage Pictures, 1850-1920 (Library of Congress)
War Relocation Authority Camps in Arizona, 1942-1946
Within These Walls (National Museum of American History)
Without Sanctuary: Lynching Photography in America
Witness and Response: September 11 Acquisitions at the Library of Congress
World War II Exhibit: A People at War
WPA Posters, 1936-1943


African Voices (Smithsonian)
Ancient Mexico
Andes Expedition: Searching for Inca Secrets
Animated Atlas
Archaeological Sites (a guide)
Archaeology of Teotihuacan, Mexico
Art and Life in Africa
Art History Resources on the Web
Arts and Crafts Movement: 1880-1920 in Europe and America
Beth Hatefutsoth: The Nahum Goldmann Museum of the Jewish Diaspora
Beyond the Pale: The History of Jews in Russia
Black Ships and Samurai (Commodore Perry and Japan)
British Empire
The British Museum
Calendars through the Ages
Canadian Heritage Gallery
Canadian Heritage Information Network
Canadian Historical Portraits
The Cave of Lascaux
China the Beautiful
Collapse: Why do Civilizations Fall?
Cosmic Journey: A History of Scientific Cosmology
A Digital Archive of European Architecture
Directory of Digitized Collections (UNESCO)
Dittrick Medical History Center
The Evolution of Time Measurement
Exhibitions in the History of Medicine
Freeze Frame: Eadweard Muybridge's Photography of Motion
George Eastman House
Great Buildings Online (includes 3D images)
Historical Graphics
History of Sanitary Sewers
Hudson's Bay Company Digital Collection (aboriginal artifacts & more)
Humanities Interactive
Images from the History of Medicine
International Council of Museums
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Law in Mexico Before the Conquest
Library and Archival Exhibitions on the Web
Library of Congress Exhibits (15 at last count)
Making the Dirt Fly: Building the Panama Canal
Maya Ruins (photos)
Mesoamerican Photo Archives
Mexico: Splendors of Thirty Centuries
Museum of Hoaxes
Museums Online
National Museum of Natural History
Nazi-era Photos of Architectural Sites in the "Greater German Reich"
The New York Public Library Digital Collections
New York Public Library Digital Gallery
Panoramas: The North American Landscape in Art
Places of Peace and Power (sacted sites around the world)
Russian Painting
Sigmund Freud: Conflict and Culture
The Tibetan Book of the Dead: Literature and Artwork
VietNam Pictures Archives
Virtual Library Museums Page
WebExhibits Catalogue
World Myths and Legends in Art
World Treasures of the Library of Congress: Beginnings


24 Hour Museum (Guide to Museums in the UK)
Alexander Calder Exhibit (Nat. Gallery of Art)
Alfred Stieglitz: New Perspectives
American Impressionists of the Late 1800s and Early 1900s
American Museum of Photography
American Photography: A Century of Images
Arnold Schoenberg Center
Art Gallery of Ontario
Art Institute of Chicago
The Art of the Motorcycle (Guggenheim Museum)
Art Museum of the Americas
Art Nouveau, 1890-1914 (Nat. Gallery of Art)
ARTscape (Peabody Essex Museum)
The Art of Tibet
Artcyclopedia--Guide to Museum-Quality Art on the Internet
Art Resource
Arthur Szyk: Artist for Freedom
Art History Resources on the Web
ArtSource Electronic Exhibitions
Australian Museums and Galleries On Line
Bellini: Creating and Re-creating
Manuel R. Bustamante Photographic Collection (Cuba)
Canadian Museum of Civilization
Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography
Carlos Museum, Emory University
Cartoon Art Museum
CGFA: A Virtual Art Museum
The Chrysler Museum (Norfolk, VA)
Contemporary Japanese Calligraphy
Salvador Dali Foundation
Dallas Museum of Art Online
Jacques-Louis David: Empire to Exile
Death of the Dream: Farmhouses in the Heartland
Decopix--The Art Deco Architecture Site
Detroit Institute of Arts
Deutsches Historisches Museum (German Historical Museum)
Diego Rivera Mural Project
Directory of Jewish Museums
Discovering Buddhist Art (Seattle Art Museum)
Duke Papyrus Archive
Early American Painting
Earth from Above
The Essential Vermeer Lover
E Space (SFMOMA)
Eyeing America: The Prints of Robert Cottingham
Fine Arts in Hungary
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco-Imagebase (60,000 images!)
Finnish National Gallery: The Art Collections
Framing Canada
French Painting of the 19th Century (Nat. Gallery of Art, Washington)
The Frick Collection
Fugitive Images (New York City)
George Eastman House Exhibits (Photography)
German National Museum, Nuremberg
G. I. Jones--Photographic Archive of Southeastern Nigerian Art and Culture
Gotham Comes of Age: New York City, 1892-1942
Goya's Last Works
The Great Mirror (5000 photographs of "cultural landscapes")
Guggenheim Museums: Selections from the Collections
Guide to Australian Museums Online
Jean-Antoine Houdon, Sculptor of the Enlightenment
Hommage à Josef Elgurt
Horizons: Canadian and Russian Landscape Painting, 1860-1940
Images of England
The Impressionists at Argenteuil (Nat. Gallery of Art, Washington)
Jackson Pollock
Jacob Lawrence: Over the Line
Krannert Art Museum and Kinkead Museum at the Univ. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Louvre Museum: Official Web Site
LSU Digital Library
Making Sense of Modern Art
Mariner's Museum
Mark Harden's Artchive
Mary Cassatt: Modern Woman
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Milestones of Modernism, 1880-1940
Milwaukee Art Museum
MoMA: Online Projects
MoMA (Museum of Modern Art)
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
Thomas Moran Exhibition (Nat. Gallery of Art, Washington)
MUSEE: Directory of Museums Worldwide
Musei Vaticani (Vatican Museums)
Museo Picasso Virtual
Museums in Canada
Museums in Germany
Museum of Bad Art
Museum of Broadcast Communications
Museum of the City of New York
Museum of Civilization in Quebec City
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
Museum of Musical Instruments
Museum of Online Museums
Museum of Web Art
Museums Online
National Air and Space Museum
National Archives of Canada: Exhibitions
National Atomic Museum
National Aviation Museum (Canada)
National Gallery of Art (USA)
National Gallery of Australia
National Gallery of Canada
National Library of Australia Documentary Image Collection
National Museum of African Art
National Museum of American Art
National Museum of American History
National Museum of American Jewish History
National Museum of Photography, Film & Television (Britain)
National Museum of Science and Technology (Canada)
National Music Museum
National Portrait Gallery (London)
Newseum: The Interactive Museum of News
New York City Signs, 14th to 42nd Streets
Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge, MA
Official Salvador Dali Museum Web Site
Paintings of Vermeer
Photographs from the Golden Age of Jazz
Picture Collection of Time Inc.
Pierpont Morgan Library, New York City
Portland Art Museum
The Art of Odilon Redon
Religious Works of the Dutch Masters
Rembrandt's Journey
Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
The Rodin Museum
Mark Rothko (Nat. Gallery of Art)
Royal British Columbia Museum
Royal Library of the Netherlands
Royal Ontario Museum
Russian Museums on Line (in Russian)
Saatchi Gallery
Salem Witch Museum
Science Museums in Israel
Share the Perspective of Genius: Leonardo's Study for the Adoration of the Magi
The Smithsonian American Art Museum
The Smithsonian Institution Home Page
Smithsonian Photography Initiative
The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
State Russian Museum Art Library
Gilbert Stuart (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Arthur Szyk: Artist for Freedom (Lib. of Congress)
Tate Gallery, London
Tate Gallery: Turner Online
Tate Online: In Focus
Triumph of the Baroque (Nat. Gallery of Art)
Uffizi Gallery, Florence
Doris Ulmann Photograph Collection
Virtual Uffizi
Univ. of California, Berkeley Museum of Paleontology
Van Gogh and Gauguin: The Studio of the South
Van Gogh's Van Goghs
Vincent van Gogh Gallery
Vatican City
Vatican Museums Online
Essential Vermeer
Vermeer Art
Vermeer, Girl with a Pearl Earring (In-Depth Study)
Vermeer, Woman Holding a Balance (in-depth presentation)
Victoria and Albert Museum
The Vincent van Gogh Gallery
Virtual Library Museums Page
Virtual Museum of Art El Pais
Virtual Museum of Canada
Virtual Museum of New France
Web Exhibits Catalogue
Web Gallery of Art
WebMuseum: Bienvenue! (an award-winning site)
Whitney Museum of American Art
World Art Treasures
World Wide Arts Resources - The Definitive Arts and Culture Information Gateway
The WWW Virtual Library: Museums (links to dozens of museums worldwide)
The WWW Virtual Library: Museums Around the World
The WWW Virtual Library: Museums-Art Galleries
The WWW Virtual Library: Museums: Germany
The WWW Virtual Library: Museums in the USA

This is an example of the wonderful art available on the Web.
Here we have the Delphic Sibyl as depicted by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican.
Several hundred images from the Vatican are available from the Papal Server in Rome: Vatican City

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