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Language Interpretation Equipment - Overview

Depending on the needs of your organization and the event, there are three types of language interpretation equipments available for rent.  One is fully-encapsulated booths for large international conferences that require full sound proof effect.  The other would be table top booths that are for smaller language interpreting events.  They are more convenient to set up but their sound proofing effects are not as perfect as fully encapsulated booths.  Last, for events that require portable simultaneous interpretation equipments, we also offer portable devices in which speakers, listeners, and interpreters are able to move from one place to another. Portable devices are ideal for small number of people.

Language Interpretation Equipments - Fully-Encapsulated Booths

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment - Full BoothFully-encapsulated booths are one of the most sophisticated language interpretation equipments on market. As interpreters interpret inside the fully encapsulated soundproof booth, listeners will hear crystal clear voices without any of the noises of the conference.

Fully-encapsulated booth is one of the most frequently used language interpretation equipments for large international conferences as well as for major corporate events.

Language Interpretation Equipments - Table Top Booths

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment - Table Top BoothTable top booths are also frequently used by event planners for smaller scale events or conferences with less number of attendants.  Table top booths are more convenient to install, providing conveniences for both technicians and interpreters.

Although table top booths do not provide as excellent soundproofing effect as fully-encapsulated booths, they are frequently used for corporate meetings in which not so much noises are expected.  Photo above on the right is a photo of a table top booth.

Language Interpretation Equipments - Wireless and Portable Devices

For events that require speakers, listeners, and interpreters to move from one place to another, wireless and portable language interpretation equipments are to be used.  For such demands, we are able to provide you with a special portable device in which all parties are allowed to move around.  Please contact us for more information.