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Interpretation Equipment - General Information

Simultaneous Interpretation EquipmentInterpretation equipment refers to the devices used in a conference interpretation setting in which the simultaneous interpreting mode is used by two more more interpreters.  Most interpretation equipment contains a soundproof interpretation booth, transmitters, microphones, and receivers. 

Currently, on the market, there are several kinds of interpretation equipments available. Notably, FM or Infrared technologies are used.  The major vendors are Listen's Interpreting Equipment (FM),  Williams Sound Equipment (FM and Infrared), and Bosch Interpretation Equipment and Systems.

Each technology, whether FM or Infrared, has its benefits.  Interpretation equipments that use FM systems allow ease of operation, flexibility, and transportability as they can transmit through solid objects and operate indoors or outdoors. 

Interpretation equipments that use Infrared technologies can provide better confidentialities and sound reliabilities.  Infrared interpretation equipment systems are also immune to radio interference.

Interpretation Equipment Provided by Abacus Translation Services

Depending on the location and the use, we may provide interpretation equipments that either use FM or Infrared technologies.  Please contact us and let us know the details so that we can decide for you.