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Interpretation Equipment Sales
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Purchasing Interpretation Equipments

Simultaneous Interpretation BoothWhen your organization holds events once or twice a year, and simultaneous interpreters are required for those events, then it maybe worth thinking about purchasing your own interpretation equipments.

Or, if you are a simultaneous interpreter and you are frequently asked to provide a reference for renting interpretation equipments, then you may also want to consider purchasing your own interpretation equipment.

Interpretation Equipment Sales

We have different kinds of interpretation equipment for sale.  The sales have been growing as there are more demands for conference interpretations.  In fact, we have seen a growing number of people looking for interpretation equipment sales in the United States and elsewhere in the world.

There are a few major brand name products for interpretation equipments. They are Listen's Interpreting Equipment,  Williams Sound Equipment, and Bosch Interpretation Equipment and Systems. 

However, there are also innovative products on the market as well.  Talk Tech is one of them.

Interpretation Equipment Sales - Talk Tech

Talk Tech is wireless and portable for easy movement. It is also allows voice silenced interpretation without distraction and is very easy to use with no set up or training needs.

With Talk Tech interpretation equipment, conferences and meetings can now be interpreted simultaneously, which saves time and allows everyone to get the same message at the same time. It is also more convenient and user-friendly compared to conventional simultaneous interpretation equipments.

Procedures Using Talk Tech - The Most Innovative and Convenient Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment:

The entire simultaneous interpretation system is portable, and it allows both the listener and interpreter to move freely as they choose.

If you are interested in purchasing these devices or learning more about them, please feel free to contact us

Interpretation Equipment Sales by Abacus Translation Services

Depending your use, we may provide interpretation equipments that either use FM or Infrared technologies for you to purchase.  Please contact us and let us know.