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Editing, Revising, and Evaluating

     It is important the every writer learn to evaluate and edit his or her own work. One always wants to put their "best foot forward" and have their efforts understood and appreciated. It is amazing how even little things can detract from the reader's appreciation of the work. So this area is most important.

     Editing is far more than correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation. It is most important that the writer check that the logic is well crafted so that the reader is drawn to the point that is made. It is imperative that the reader not be bored by the use of repeating and dull sentence structure, generalities, and imprecise word choice. This takes time, but it is time that is well spent. By acquiring the skills necessary and putting in the time and effort, the writer can take something that is just ordinary and turn it into an essay that is very good. Having your name on a paper that is well crafted, written and logical can bring a great deal of positive self esteem.

     Be aware that even the best of writers usually have pretty bad first drafts.

     Once you are finished, evaluation is most important. After all, you are doing the writing, and you should know if it is good or not according to accepted standards.

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