Certified Chinese Tattoo Translation
by Court Certified Chinese Translators and Japanese Translators

From time to time, we receive inquiries about Chinese tattoo translation or Japanese tattoo translation.  When someone wants to have a Chinese Hanzi or Japanese Kanji character tattooed, we will be able to provide some help in providing the appropriate characters to you.

The problem: mistranslation or misuse of Chinese or Japanese characters

We have received numerous emails requesting that we decipher or verify the meanings of some of tattoos.  We found out that some of the characters are not correct Chinese or Japanese characters.  It is important to have correct Chinese or Japanese characters tattooed in order to avoid misunderstanding or confusion.  This is why we provide certified tattoo translation services by court certified Chinese translators and Japanese translators.

Certified Chinese Tattoo Translation by Court Certified Chinese Translators

A court certified Chinese translator will have to pass two rigorous exams in order to receive his or her license, a written exam and an oral exam to test their competency in both the Chinese language and the English language.  The Chinese translator will also be able to testify in court regarding the accuracy of the translation or interpretation.

Thus, if you have any doubts or would like to have a certified Chinese translator translate, verify, or decipher your tattoo, please contact us.  We also have Chinese fonts for you to choose from.

Certified Japanese Tattoo Translation by Japanese Translators

We understand that sometimes people may want to have a Japanese Kanji character tattooed.  Our Japanese translators may be able to help you.

Please note that about 79% of the Chinese characters or Japanese characters that you wish to be tattooed may be the same in both languages.  Our Chinese and Japanese translator may be able to verify that for you.

Please contact us for more information.