Certified Chinese Translation Services
Certified Chinese Translation

Certified Chinese translation is a professional Chinese translation service performed by either a certified Chinese translator or a certified court Chinese interpreter or someone who declares under penalty of perjury that the Chinese translator is fluent in Chinese and English and that the Chinese translator performed the translation, which is accurate and complete to the best of the Chinese translator's knowledge.

Also see Court Certified Translation

Certified Translation of Documents or Certified Document Translation

We provide certified translation of documents  or certified document translation by certified Chinese translators or certified Chinese interpreters.  Our certified document translation services can serve the purpose of your need of either providing certified translation of birth certificates or certified translation for USCIS use.

Certified Translation - Birth Certificate

A translation of a birth certificate normally needs to be certified and translated by a certified Chinese translator or a court certified Chinese interpreter.  We can provide certified translation of your birth certified of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong or any other countries.

Certified Translation for USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services)

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services require your translation to be certified.  Therefore, we can provide you with certified translation for USCIS.  Our certified Chinese translators are experienced and have provided hundreds and thousands of certified translations for USCIS.  Therefore, you can entrust on us in providing you a certified translation for USCIS.

Certified Chinese Translation by a Certified Chinese Translator

Our team of Chinese translators are composed of translators that are certified by professional translators associations such as the American Translators Association.  We are able to provide certified Chinese translation services by translating your document from Chinese to English and from English to Chinese.  As you can see from the qualifications of our Chinese translators, they are highly qualified and can provide the best quality of translation services to you or your company.

Certified Chinese Translation by a Court Certified Chinese Interpreter

Similarly, your documents can be translated from Chinese to English or from English to Chinese by a court certified Chinese interpreter.  Our team of Chinese interpreters is able to provide the best quality Chinese translation services to you.

Types of Certified Chinese Translation

Simplified Chinese Translation - Translation of documents from English to Simplified Chinese Characters or from Simplified Chinese Characters to English

Traditional Chinese Translation - Translation of documents from English to Traditional Chinese Characters or from Traditional Chinese Characters to English

Chinese Word Translation - Translation of Chinese words and certified by our translators.

Chinese Phrase Translation - Translation of Chinese phrases and certified by our translators

Chinese Sentence Translation - Translation of Chinese sentences and certified by our translators.

Chinese Pinyin Translation - Translation from English into Chinese pinyin

Chinese Name Translation - Translation of Chinese names.

Chinese Brand Name Translation and Evaluation - Translation and evaluation of Chinese brand names

Chinese Dialect Translation

Shanghainese Translation - Translation or interpretation from Shanghainese into English and from English into Shanghainese