English to Burmese and Burmese to English Translator in Yangon, Myanmar
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Burmese to English and English to Burmese translator in Yangon, Myanmar

In order to cope with the recent demand for English to Burmese and Burmese to English translation requests, we have expanded our services for Burmese translations and interpretations in Yangon.

We have a team of qualified Burmese translators in Yangon, and we are able to meet your request.

Please review one of the resumes of our Burmese translators in Yangon.

Burmese Translator in Yangon, MyanmarEducation

2000-2005: Bachelor of Art in English, B.A (English), Dagon University, Yangon, Myanmar.

2007-2008: Diploma in Business Administration with Distinction (Thames), Informatics Academy (Singapore)

2009-2010: Post Graduate Diploma in International Relations, Yangon University, Yangon.

Other Qualifications
2009-2011 Certificate of Achievement in Landscaping Design& Management, LEO (Myanmar High - Level Landscape, Education, Environment and Training Organization)

Nov,09-Dec,09 JOURNALISM COURSE (3 /2009 ), Myanmar Writers & Journalists Association

2004-2005: Certificate of Achievement in Japanese Proficiency Level III

2004-2005: Certificate of Completion in World English Institute Intermediate Series, Correspondence Ministry, U.S.A

2004 & 2005 Participation Certificate for Conversational English Lessons of Ohio Valley College, West Virginia, U.S.A

2000-2001: Certificate of Competence (Window 98, MS Office 2000)

Computer Skills

Photoshop, PageMaker, MS Word

Language Skills:

Burmese (Official language of Myanmar), English, and Japanese

Working Experiences:

2012 April to Present Full time Translator / Editor, Yangon, Myanmar

2010-2012 Editor, Future Way Education & Services

2011 Oct –Dec Fashion Editor/ Copy Writer, www.berricle.com , New York based Gems and Jewelry Company, Yangon Branch

2005-2011: Asian Fame Co.Ltd

(2007-2011) Editor in Charge, Department Head, Asian Fame Media Group

(2005 -2007) Managing Editor

(2005-2006) Reporter, Translator, Yangon, Myanmar

2004-2005: Assistant Instructor, Kumon International Education Institute, Yangon Branch.

Translation experience and Publications:
(2005 - 2011)
- Translated for Weekly Newspaper/Journals and Magazines published from Asian Fame Media Group(www.popularmyanmar.com) and for other local media
- Name of the publication :Popular Journal ( About Celebrities ), Popular News Journal (News Journal) , Yati Magazine (Art and Fashion Magazine), Angel Journal (preteen Journal), Living Fashion Magazine (Lifestyle Magazine) and Mr Magazine (Men Magazine), Right Time Journal, Women’s World Journal ( Women Newspaper)

- Full time Fashion Writer for www.berricel.com for two months. Berricle is New York based Gems and Jewelry Company.
- Responsibilities : Writing for the website and blog posts in English for Berricle .
- I also worked as a freelance translator for Future Way Education and Services .

(2012- April)
- Full time translator for Future Way Education and Services translating different hand books from the College , and Universities of UK, USA , Singapore etc.

(2012 April- present)
- Freelance Translator and Writer for local media companies and for local and international organizations & translation agents like WIP, Planet Finance , CBG, SDL India, USAID, .etc.,


-Editing translated stories and comic stories as an Editor in Charge (2007-2011)

-Editing the translation and publications of the handbooks of international college and universities for an International Education Services Company, Future Way Education & Services, www.futurewayeducation.com (2010- present)

Translation area(s) of specialization:

General, International Relations, International News, Press Release, Beauty and Fashion, Mobile Phone & applications, Android Application, Education, Business and Management, Landscaping, Gems & Jewelry , Martial Art, Early Childhood , Advertisements, Business Promotion articles, Short Stories, Heavy Machinery and Equipment , Environment, Business Management, Accounting, Communication…etc: