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Chinese Translation in Sanya

In Sanya, including the surround areas, we provide translation and interpretation services by our translators and interpreters in Sanya.  Our goal is to fulfill your needs for professional Chinese and English translations.

Due to Chinese government's recent plans to develop Sanya into a top tourism spot in Asia, the needs for local interpreters and translators have increased rapidly for investors and business meetings. To meet that demand, we have increased the number of qualified Chinese interpreters in our database in Sanya. In particular, we have focused on certified Chinese interpreters and translators who have a background in the financial, entertainment, and tourism industries.

For document translations, our translators are able to provide certified Chinese translation services.  Please contact us for more information.

General Information about Sanya

Sanya is the south end city on Hainan Island. The population of Sanya is roughly around 700,000 people of which roughly 500,000 are of the Han ethnicity. Being the southernmost city, it is famous as a tropical oceanside tourist spot and pier. Sanya's economy mainly revolves around tourism. Although there were some tourism/gamble controversies in the past, Sanya is now planned to be one of the top tourist spots in Asia by 2020. Up to August of 2014, Sanya's tax-free stores had accumulated over 8 billion RMB in sales.


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