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Mandarin is the official language of the People's Republic of China and the Republic of China, as well as one of the official languages of Singapore. It is now also spoke by most Chinese new immigrants in San Francisco, as well as the majority of the Chinese people in San Jose and cities around Silicon Valley.    The demand for Chinese translators and Mandarin interpreters in San Francisco has increased dramatically in recent years, largely due to increased economic activities, resulting in one of the highest fees charged by interpreters in the region.
In San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, and Sacramento, we provide Mandarin interpreters for your needs at affordable cost. 
Our Mandarin interpreters are either certified by the Judicial Council or are experienced interpreters in their field.  Upon demand, we can also provide Chinese document translation services.  

We have served some of the largest law firms and companies in the Bay Area, as well as the Superior Court of California and the United States District Court.


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Resume of Our Mandarin Interpreter in San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, and Sacramento


Summary of Qualifications
• Senior editor & seasoned journalist responsible for original copy and final product in bilingual productions, international focus
• Accomplished executive in print and visual media with 14 years of experience including television & print production in China and United States
• Experienced translator of intricate literary, technical and legal documents between English and Chinese
• Software enabler experienced in cutting edge development of commercial software with major corporate employment and clients (including Google, Inc, Cisco, & Apple Inc )
• Recognized author of prose and poetry in Chinese language
• Proficient computer operator: Hardware: PC & Macintosh Software, CAT tools such as Worldserver, TMX, etc.

Professional Work
1997-Current (in U.S.)

 Interpreter & Translator/Copywriter
• Legal proceedings & materials (US Federal Bankruptcy Court, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission; Fish & Richardson; Bingham McCutchen LLP, Keker & Van Nest LLP
Major cases involved as interpreter: ITC investigation with ChipMOS; Foxconn patent infringement litigation; ChiMei Optoelectronics patent infringement litigation, HTC, Gemalto, etc.
• Government assignments: USTDA, National Endowment for the Humanities, US Department of Commerce, US GSA, former US vice president Al Gore (Simultaneous interpretation), Column articles by former CA Governor Schwazenegger; San Francisco Mayor’s Office-with Gavin Newsom (Simultaneous interpretation), Willie Brown; California Election Committee, San Francisco Department of Elections; Santa Clara County VTA.), Palo Alto City Government.
• Medical translation and interpretation services: San Francisco General Hospital, Sutter Pacific Medical Center, UCSF Medical Center, Stanford University, Tong Ren Tang, etc.
• Localization: Google Chinese Linguist, Apple (AOI project, on site QA linguist), eBay, Cisco QA tester, Language Reviewer,Zynga Game Network Terminologist. etc.
• News Service Copy (Pacific News Services; New America Media)
• Copywriting: Ark Communication, Phoenix Cable TV (China), Volvo Car, etc.
• Literary translation: Screenplay translation (100pages) for film maker Richard Bowen, Chinese poetry translation for private clients.
• Financial materials: JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Paypal, Wachovia, Citigroup, etc.
• Academic Projects (Archaeological Institute of America; Federation of American Scientists, Dominican University (Chinese Literature lecturer); Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Stanford University; U.C. Berkeley Institute for East Asian Studies-IUP, Haas Business School, Goldman Public Policy School.

July 2014-Current:
Tesla Motors, Inc. Senior Language Expert Responsible for training courses, business meetings interpreting, glossary, style guide creation, translation review, user manual review, technical service documents translation, legal content translation, editing, etc.

Aug 2012-Feb 2014:
JP Morgan Chase Internal Chinese Linguist, Corporate Multicultural Marketing Responsible for glossary, style guide creation, translation review for corporate marketing collaterals, news release, etc..

May 2011- Dec 2013:
Apple iCloud, iTunes linguist for Chinese Language
Responsible for all iCloud, iTunes applications’ linguistic, functional testing, reporting bugs (Radar), reviewing UI translations, editing feature content transcreations, etc.

Wells Fargo bank Internal Linguist, Enterprise Marketing Group
Responsible for all Chinese language related matters for the corporate, including translation review, glossary and style guide development.

Zynga Game Network Inc. Terminologist, Reviewer, Translator.


Cisco System, QA Tester, Reviewer, Localization Linguist

Aug 2009-2011
Rosetta Stone, Language Expert, Audition Evaluator for Online Coach program: Mandarin Chinese.

Apple AOI Project Linguist for Simplified Chinese.

2005-2009 (in U.S.)
(Contract basis)
Translator/Copywriter in chief, Wine Connoisseurs’ Club, Napa, CA & Beijing
Supporting CEO in respect of business development in China, handling all cultural relations concerning US-China business matters for the company. Responsible for related marketing copywriting, media liaison, legal materials translation & review.

Editor, Linguist, Corporate Localization Team, Google, Inc.
Editor for corporate translation team for international component of website and software development; legal contract translation; creation of marketing materials, glossaries, product descriptions; styleguide, enable localization projects.

2001- 2002 (in U.S.)
Executive Assistant, Phoenix Technologies Ltd. (High-tech company), San Jose CA
Translate technical and legal documents; Maintain corporate relationships between the San Jose headquarters and offices in Pacific Rim; Manage executive VP of Engineering's project load and schedule.

1999- 2001 (in U.S.)
Translator & Editor-in-Chief, Global Directions Inc., San Francisco, CA
• Create and Maintain an online collection of Chinese Literature.
• Build and manage a Chinese web directory and email service for a Chinese and English language portal averaging over 20,000 hits a day.
• Maintain and edit a Chinese language instruction tool, an archive of Chinese cultural articles and resources.
• Oversee all aspects of Chinese-English translation and editorial operations, including document translating & content editing.
• Supervise web reviewers, manage content creation.

1998- 1999 (in U.S.)
Editor, Deputy Director-International Department, China Books & Periodicals, San Francisco CA
• Editorial Contributions to the following Book Titles: The Gate of all Marvelous Things—A Guide to Reading the Tao Te Ching, Drinking with the Moon—Selections of Classical Chinese Poetry, Thirty-Six Strategies of Ancient.
• Organize Chinese literature and educational exhibitions.
• Manage itinerary and supervise all arrangements for Chinese publishers visiting the U. S.

1995 -1997
(Beijing, China)
Associate Editor-in-Chief, Hainan Publishing House, Beijing Division, Beijing, China
• Secure overseas copyrights, select new book titles, and manage/translate co-publishing contracts.
• Build connections with major media and authors, including: Jia Ping-Wa, Zhang Cheng-Zhi, Han Shao-Gong.
• Edit the first definitive Chinese language edition of The Diary of Ann Frank; Classical Love Poems, prefaced by BingBing Jiang.

1993 -1997
(Beijing, China)
Television Writer, Phoenix Cable Television, (Hong Kong
based), Beijing, China
Author of programming focused on culture & folk art of Beijing for Hong Kong audience (concurrent with editor position above).

1989 -1997
(Beijing, China)
Editor, Journalist, International Talent Magazine,
Beijing(Sponsored by The Bureau of Foreign Experts of the State
• Supervise all aspects of editorial and journalistic operations; organize major interviews as principle journalist.
• Interview over one hundred international experts including: Anna C. Chennault (Member of the Whitehouse Commission on Presidential Scholars), Chang-LinTien (Chancellor of UC Berkeley), Wang Luo-Lin (Executive president of the Chinese Social Sciences Academy), and Chen Kai-Ge (Director of Farewell My Concubine).
• Publish over one hundred articles on artists, celebrities with in-depth interviews. Articles from 1,000 to 10,000 words; many interviewees were Friendship Award winners. Articles dealt with life experience, cultural perceptions, personal explorations.

Theology Department

9/95 -7/96
Special Intensive course in English Composition and Literature: emphasis of English poetry, particularly nineteenth century

9/85 -7/89
Bachelor of Arts, Chinese Literature, Extensive studies: English Language, Literature, and Literary Criticism.

Northern California Chinese Media Association
2012, Special Award for Feature Story
Special First Place Award for Fiction, 1986, Institute of International Relations.
Who Will Be Who listed “famous writer” in the 21st Century 1994, International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England
Cited in Favorite Prose Piece, Youth Digest, 1991, Dream of Fair Lady

American Translators Association
Northern California Translators Association

• QAZAQIA(By former prime minister of Kazakhstan, Karim Masimov), Published in Jan 2013, Chinese Edition Editor
• Decoding Design (by Maggie Macnab)-Published in July 2011 by ZheJiang People’s Fine Arts Publishing House - Chinese translation reviewer
• The Young Bud, novella 1989
• Edited/co-wrote two dictionaries on Chinese language:
o The Dictionary of Modern Chinese Sentences
o The Dictionary of Modern Chinese Phrases
• Edited a three book series of essays and prose (totaling over three millions words):
o Volume One (novels)
o Volume Two (poetry)
o Volume Three (prose)
• Other Titles accredited as on the editorial committee:

• Encyclopedia of Modern Chinese Poetry for Appreciation
• Encyclopedia of International Women’s Poetry
• Modern Chinese Interpretation of the 24 Ancient Histories (including Records of the Historian by Sima Qian)
• Encyclopedia of World Micro-Fiction for Appreciation
• Prose pieces appearing in the volume entitled 10 Contemporary Avant- Garde Prose, and other selections.
• Articles and pieces included within more than twenty prominent newspapers and magazines published in China, including news, fiction, prose and articles, anthologies.

Public Service

• Peace Corps activities and translations
• 100 Roman Documentations, Chinese version, translation review, published 2002