We Are Hiring: We Are Looking For Mandarin Interpreters and Chinese Translators In New York City (NYC).  Please email us your resume.
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Because of the increased demand of Chinese translators and Mandarin interpreters in New York City (NYC), we are currently looking for experienced Mandarin interpreters and Chinese translators in the greater New York area.

We prefer candidates with translation and interpretation experience.  However, if you are interested in this profession, please contact us well.  After reviewing your resume, we will conduct a 5 minute test, and we will be able to tell your level of translation and interpretation skills.

Your resume should include your education and work experiences, your current location, and your current status in New York City.

The work as an interpreter in New York City is exciting yet challenging as many advertising, financial, architecture, and law firms are located in New York.  Our company is positioned to providing professional services to these companies.

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