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Amanda, our Chinese calligrapher in Los Angeles, provides Chinese calligraphy services for corporate events, entertainment activities, as well as calligraphy classes for adults and children.  She can also provide Chinese calligraphy services on commercial signs for your businesses. 

Amanda was born in China.  She immigrated to the United States in 2008 and is now a naturalized citizen. Her exposure to the art world began at when she was young, and it became one of her ambitions to depict the world of art through her eyes.

Amanda attended Hunan University of China, where she received her Bachelors of Arts degree with concentration on all aspects of painting, photography, interior design, styles and mediums utilizing Water, Oil, Acrylic, Chinese Brush watercolor and sketch in Landscapes, Abstract, Murals, Impressionism and other subject matters. After two years working in art and interior design, and assisting in renovation of the Shenzhen International Airport, Amanda returned to Guangzhou Graduate School University where she received her Masters Degree in Art.

Currently, besides teaching Chinese calligraphy classes, she presents her art works through her studio and performs entertaining calligraphy services for corporate events in Los Angeles.  In the past, Amanda was selected as one of four outstanding female artists that were featured and exhibited the annual Provincial Art Gallery Exhibit in China. This honor resulted in wide media coverage from news articles, television coverage and a book published featuring their works, dedication and outstanding contribution to the art world in China.

As an Art Instructor in Los Angeles, Amanda's students have been distinguished each year through examinations and participation in International and national student competitions that have empowered them to attend some of the finest art universities. Amanda has been chosen for numerous instructor awards and for the Chinese National Teachers Award for the efforts of her students achievements in the art world.

Please see below for some of the pictures related to Amanda's calligraphy art works, Chinese calligraphy performances in Los Angeles.

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