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Chinese Movie Co-Production Consultation Services

Aside from Chinese translation and Mandarin interpretation services, we also provide Chinese film consultation services, providing assistance in China film co-productions through our China film consultants in Los Angeles.

Our China film consultants have had experiences in co-productions or joint ventures in China, and we are able to assist you with China film co-production business plan development, marketing strategies, strategic alliance partnerships with movie studios in China, sponsorship/branding opportunities with Chinese partners, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions about Chinese Film Market

1. Can you tell us about the China film censorship?

China film censorship varies from year to year in terms of the prohibited contents.  The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) controls the content of all radio, television, films, satellite, and Internet broadcasts in China. We will be able to advise you on the most updated prohibited content in films.

2. Could you please give us some information about China film quota?

As of 2009, the China film quota for imported foreign films is set to be 20.  That means, according to the current China film quota, no more than foreign films can be imported to China.  However, the China film quota is expected to be increased soon.

3. Is it advantageous to co-produce a film in China with a Chinese partner?

Yes, and but it also depends on the nature of the film.  Through co-productions with a Chinese film studio, you may capture the benefits of the growing Chinese film market while not being restricted by the China film quota.  Depending on the location of the Chinese movie studio and your partner in China, you may also save on the production costs as well.  Please contact us for more information.

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