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There is a fairly large Burmese community in Los Angeles, where people from Myanmar have established here in the last a few decades.

The earliest major immigration of people from Myanmar occurred from the 1960's to the late 1970's, when Burmese professionals, the majority of them being Chinese Burmese, emigrated from Myanmar.  After the national uprising of Myanmar in 1988, a second wave of Burmese people immigrated to the United States.

Today, most Burmese people reside in San Gabriel Valley of the Greater Los Angeles area.  Most of the Burmese or Burmese Americans are either professionals, such as doctors or dentists, or small business owners.  The Burmese population in Los Angeles is highly educated, contributing to the diversity of the city of Los Angeles.

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We provide Burmese translation and interpretation services by our Burmese translators and interpreters in Los Angeles.  We do written documents translations as well as oral in-person interpretations.

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Recent Updates on the Burmese Community in Los Angeles

As the policies of economic liberalization of current President of Myanmar, Thein Sein, move forward, many Burmese people in Los Angeles have made visits to their home country, Myanmar.  They are surprised by the measures and steps taken by Thein Sein, and they are looking forward to contributing to the economic development of Myanmar.