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Vivian, a native Mandarin speaker from China, is currently working as a Chinese translator and Mandarin interpreter in London, UK.  Since graduating from the MA programme in Interpreting and Translation Programme at University of Bath, Vivian has well established herself at the highest level of EU/UK - China relationship, widely regarded as one of the handful best Chinese interpreters in London, the UK, and Europe. Vivian has experience in a broad spectrum of subjects from politics and economics to education, from banking to insurance, from engineering to automobiles, from media to creative industry, from construction to energy, from aviation to pharmaceuticals. She has interpreted for numerous heads of governments, global business leaders and prominent academics, serving public and private institutions such as multinational companies, international organisations (e.g. the United Nations and FAO), government agencies, universities, event organisers and NGOs across the U.K. and Europe.

Vivian has also developed a strong expertise in executive education in recent years, working along with top universities, including University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, University of Nottingham, Manchester University, University of Reading, and leading business schools such as IMD, LSE, CASS Business School, Henley Business School and Manchester Business School, covering a wide variety of topics from finance, real estate, education and media to aviation, construction, automobile and IT. Being a British citizen, Vivian can travel to many countries/territories at short notices.


Below are Vivian's qualifications and credentials


Vivian, MCIL, MA in Interpreting and Translating, BEng

Academic qualifications:
MA in Interpreting and Translating, University of Bath, UK
BEng in Logistics Management, Northern Jiaotong University, Beijing, China

Experience in interpreting/translation:
September 2012 to present: freelance interpreter/translator, London, and can travel to major cities in Europe
September 2014 to present: part-time lecturer, MA Chinese-English Translation and Interpreting, Essex University
January 2011 - August 2012: Senior Programme Manager (supervising quality of interpreting and translation), Judge Business School, University of Cambridge
September 2008 – December 2010: part-time lecturer, MA in Interpreting, Middlesex University
June 2006 – December 2010: Head Interpreter/Translator of a leading UK translation company

Qualifications in English language:
Grade B, CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English), Cambridge English Language Assessment, 2006
Grade A, CAE (Certificate in Advanced English), Cambridge English Language Assessment, 2004
Score 7.5 (maximum 9), IELTS(International English Language Testing System), 2003

Highlight events that Vivian has worked on:

Hamburg Summit: China meets Europe, Hamburg, 2006 – attended by former Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and senior European politicians
Official visit by Minister Councillor Tang Jiaxuan, Chairman of Political Consultative Conference of China, London, 2006
China Baltic Sea Business Forum, Kalmar, Sweden, 2006
Chinese Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan’s official visit to Republic of Ireland, 2006
Chelsea Football Club joint press conference with China National Olympic team, 2007
G8 Summit - Legal Dialogue, Berlin, Germany, 2007
World Soda Ash Conference, Nice, France, 2007
China Europa Forum, Brussels, 2007
China Europe Capital Market Day, Frankfurt, 2007
Jaguar Global Dealers Conference, Malaga, Spain, 2008
International Forum on European Welfare System, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2008
Private meeting between RH Gordon Brown and former Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, 2009
London Fashion Week, 2009
Global China Business Meeting, Lisbon, Portugal, 2009
UK – China Ambassadors Forum at FCO, 2009
Global Investment Conference, London, where RH Mr Gordon Brown made opening and closing speeches, 2010
International meeting on People of African Descent at UN Office Geneva, 2010
Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology’s official visit to Department for Business, Innovation & Skills, 2010
EU-China Human Rights Seminar, Madrid, Spain, 2010
EU-China Summit, Brussels, 2010 – attended by Wen Jiabao and key EU political leaders
6th EU-China Dialogue Meeting on Work Health and Safety, Brussels, 2015
China Executive Leadership Programme, University of Cambridge, 2006 – present(annually), attended by senior executives of multinational companies and leaders of the largest State Owned Enterprises in China
HSBC - Bank of Communications Senior Management Exchange and Learning Programmes, 2006 – present (annually)