Abacus Japanese Translation Services

Japanese translator and Japanese interpreter in Los Angeles - AnnaAbacus Japanese Translation Services is a division of Abacus Translation Services, a provider of translation services.  Abacus Japanese Translation Services, a leading Japanese translation company, specializes in Japanese to English translation and English to Japanese translation services for projects of all sizes and on all subjects.

See Japanese Translator in Los Angeles - Feng
Kayo - California Certified Japanese Court Interpreter, Japanese translator based in Los Angeles, Tomoe - Japanese translator in Los Angeles
Above: Japanese Interpreter in Los Angeles - Anna

Japanese Translation Services in Major Cities

As a Japanese translation company serving major cities in the United States, our Japanese translators and interpreters are ready to cater to your translation and interpretation needs. Please see a list of cities on the left where we can provide Japanese translators for you. 

Japanese translator in New York City (NYC)

Various Delivery Methods of Our Japanese Translation and Interpretation Services

We deliver our Japanese translation services via fax, email, telephone, snail mail, and FTP.  

Japanese Voice-Over Services

For Japanese voice-over services, we consider the clarity and authenticity of the Japanese pronunciation to be of the utmost importance and we also take the geographical background of the target audience into account. Normally, for Japanese voice over services, we provide a Japanese voice over talent with a Tokyo accent.

Japanese Patent Translation Services

We work together with expert translators specializing in different industries as well as Japanese patent attorneys in order to provide a quality service that combines Japanese patent lawyers with Japanese translators. .