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Chinese Translation Services
by Chinese Translator in Hilo, Hawaii
Chinese Translation in Hilo, Hawaii

In Hilo, Hawaii,  we provide Chinese translation and Mandarin and Cantonese interpretation services by our Chinese translators and Mandarin interpreters.  We aim to help you with our professional Chinese translation services. 

About Hilo, Hawaii

Served by its own international airport, Hilo is the largest city in Hawaii County. Theere are several volcanoes in this town including an active one. The town also holds the site for some of the most important ground-based astronomical observatories. Hilo became a trading center because of sugar plantations and experienced economic downturns due to closing of the plantations in the 1990s, but it now holds theworld's leading macadamia nut producer. Hilo is the oldest city in Hawaii and attracts many tourists. Aside from the common major city center businesses, the downtown area is also home to the Hilo Farmers Market. Although Hilo is referred to as a city, it does not have a municipal government.

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Our Chinese Translators in Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu Chinese Translator Coordinator: Allison

Allison is a Mandarin and Taiwanese interpreter in Honolulu, Hawaii.  She currently resides in Honolulu.  She coordinates our Chinese translators in Hawaii.   She is graduated with a Master of Arts degree from Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu, Hawaii.

She is an asset in our Chinese translation team in Honolulu, Hawaii.