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In Chongqing, China, we also provide English and Japanese translators and interpreters.  Below is the resume of Billy, an English, Chinese, and Japanese translator and interpreter in Chongqing.


1. Undergraduate Education: Southwest-China Normal Univ. (1994-1998); Major in English Education, B.A. Degree (July, 1998 )
2. Graduate Education I: China Foreign Affairs University (1998-2001); Major in Advanced Interpretation and Translation; M.A. degree (July, 2001)
3. Continued Education: Study Management at Osaka Sangyo University (April 2005 to Jan. 2006)
4. Graduate Education II: Nankai University (China), jointly with Gokugakuin University (Japan) (From September, 2010); Major in Japanese Cultural History Study; Expected Ph.D. degree (July 2013)

1. PetroChina Company Limited (July 2001- Oct. 2002)
Job Description: Senior Interpreter and Managing Assistant, Foreign Affairs Office
2. Capital Normal University of China (Nov. 2002-May 2005)
Job Description: Foreign Language Instructor
3. Chongqing Normal University (July. 2008- July 2010)
Job Description: Foreign Language Instructor
4. Southwest University (from July 2013 onward)
Job Description: Foreign Language and History Instructor

Academic & Other Credential
1. Certificate of Test for English Majors (TEM 4) (May, 1996)
2. Certificate of Test for English Majors (TEM 8) (May ,1998)
3. Diploma of Collegiate Computer Knowledge & Skill Test (Oct., 1996)
4. Diploma of Law Correspondence Study (Issued by China Political Science & Law University; 1997)
5. Diploma of Qualification in United Nations Public Servant Reserved Force Recruit Examination (2001)
6. Certificate of Nationally Accredited Professional College Instructor (May, 2002)
7. The First Degree Certificate of Japanese Language Proficiency Test (The highest level for non-Japanese speakers worldwide. Issued by Association of International Education, Japan; Feb.10, 2004)
8. TOEIC score: 945 (July, 2005)
9. TOEFL score: 660 (August, 2007)

Knowledge & Skills
1. Proficiency in English listening, speaking, reading and writing; fully capable of doing English broadcasting, and conducting simultaneous and consecutive interpretation and written translation between English and Chinese in various fields at a highly professional level.
2. Proficiency in Japanese reading, speaking and writing; capable of conducting interpretation and translation between Japanese and Chinese as well as between Japanese and English.
3. Basic knowledge and practical ability in German language.
4. Knowledge of computer operation for basic office use.
5. Extensive knowledge, keen interest and close familiarity with a wide range of aspects e.g. world politics and cultural affairs, international relations, history, society, world economy, commerce etc. as exemplified by long time email exchanges with a number of renowned Western intellectuals and scholars from political, media and academic world as well as continued contribution of commentaries in political and socio-cultural fields to some famous Western opinion journals and related websites.
6. Sound public speaking and interpersonal communicating skill.

Professional Experiences
1. Translate documents of the monumental national energy project i.e. the West-East Gas Pipeline Project.
2. Do a series of written translation of letters, reports etc. in financial and technological fields and other liaison work in business contact.
3. Perform Chinese-English interpretation for the meeting and negotiation between company leaders and foreign counterparts.
4. Translate, arrange or preside over a series of PetroChina delegation’s PR activities during the 17th World Petroleum Congress held in Rio, Brazil on August, 2002.
5. Teach English-majoring college students various courses such as Oral English and Extensive Reading courses at Department of English Education, Capital Normal University.
6. Design and teach the course of Modern Western Studies for the undergraduates college students of English majors in the most academically brisk, provocative, updated and brand new way unheard of and unparalleled among today’s institutions of higher learning in China.
7. Fulfill the job of simultaneous interpretation assigned by the school authority for the Global College Education Forum held at the Capital Normal University in 2004.
8. Teach various main subjects such as English Intensive Reading, Business English, PR English, Selected Reading of Foreign Newspapers and Magazines, Japanese (as the second foreign language) to undergraduates of English major, and College English for non-English majors at Chongqing Normal University.
9. Win the third-level prize in the FLTRP Cup National College English Debate Competition, the most authoritative English debate contest in China, as the coach of the English debating team of Chongqing Normal University, the first time of being award a formal prize in the university’s history of participation in this prestigious and central event for the English teaching and learning academe in China.
10. Teach subjects such as English Reading, Japanese As Second Foreign Language, Advanced English Reading and Western Culture, Contemporary Japanese History, General History of Germany, Panorama China to Chinese and foreign students.

Part-time Vocational Practices
1. Assist in translating and extracurricular teaching of Chinese language to the visiting Japanese students under the request from Foreign Affairs Office of Southwest-China Normal University, 1995-2014.
2. Conduct internship at the Foreign Affairs Office, Chongqing University during which conducted numerous translation and interpretation work, March to April 2008
3. Serve as volunteer interpreter at International Symposium on Chinese Society & Development since Ming & Qing Dynasties held at Nankai Univ., September 1999
4. Serve as volunteer interpreter at APEC Business Advisory Council Conference in Beijing, May 2000.
5. Serve as contracted English lecturer at some public and private colleges and schools such as the Beijing Renwen University and the Haidian Nonresident University as a widely acclaimed skillful, effective and passionate English instructor, 1999-2000.
6. Serve as contracted translator and interpreter for some translation services and agencies in a wide range of business affairs for many companies and institutions, including the Israel-China Business Consultation, Sony-Ericsson National Sales Convention, PetroChina Share Holders’ Annual Convention, International Metal Industry Annual Conference etc. 2001-2003.
7. Serve as Chinese instructor on everyday and basic business uses to the president of the Public and International Affairs at Apache Oil Company of America, June 2004.
8. Participate in UN recruitment examination of UN employee as translator and gain candidacy qualification as potential reserved force, 2001.
9. Participate in the simulated US Presidential Election held in Beijing by the US Embassy to China in Oct. 2000, 2004 and 2008, casting vote, and receiving wide attention and live interviews from various international media outlets.
10. Serve as English-Japanese interpreter of top-level discussions between the president and the foreign delegates for the Industrial-Academic-Governmental Co-operational Forum on Science and Technology at the Osaka Sangyo University, April 2005.
11. Serve as English-Japanese-Chinese interpreter for the business negotiations by China Heaven Creation International Performing Arts Co., Ltd. with its Japanese and Canadian business partners in late 2006.
12. Serve as Chinese-English interpreter for high-ranking business leaders from France and China at the gala banquet in Beijing participated by the French President Nicolas Sarkozy among other dignitaries during one's visit to China, October 2007.
13. Serve as simultaneous Chinese-English interpreter at the Annual Conference of International Copper, Nickel and Cobalt Industries in January 2008.
14. Serve as Chinese-English interpreter for the local political and business leaders during the 4th annual meeting of the Chongqing Mayor’s International Economic Advisory Council, a high-profile, high-level and important municipal economic event in September 2009.
15. Serve as Chinese language instructor and teach the course of intensive Chinese to a group of Japanese undergraduates at the Kokugakuin University from June to July 2011 under the request of the International Exchange Office of the university.
16. Serve as contracted translator for NHK on its TV program featuring the famous World Heritage scenic spot the Dazu Rock Carvings and transcribe conversations from Chongqing Dialect to Japanese, Spring 2012.
17. Serve as contracted Chinese-English interpreter of Shenzhen Bowen Translation & Interpretation Agency for the business negotiations of a Chinese Construction Company from Jiangsu Province and a British-Egyptian Company on March 2015.
18. Serve as contracted Chinese-Japanese interpreter of Shenzhen Youbo Ads. Agency in its bidding illustration meeting with Chang’an-Suzuki Auto Corporation for the latter’s national auto exhibition events.
19. Serve as contracted Chinese-English interpreter for the business negotiations between Future Green City Corporation of China, government of the Dazu District, Chongqing and the Canadian VenTek International.

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