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Abraham (shown in picture on the left), is a professional Mandarin interpreter and Chinese translator in Chengdu.  He has had experiences translating and interpreting for clients from many English speaking countries in North America, Europe, and Africa.  Specifically, as a Chinese translator, he interpreted for conferences in Xi'an for clients from Europe, delegations from Canada, as well as from Tanzania.  He has interpreted for many industries, including but not limited to energy, trade, infrastructure construction, financial and banking, etc.  He has a bachelor's degree in English Language and Literature and has passed various of professional examinations and qualifications as a Mandarin interpreter and a Chinese translator.


Please see his resume below:

Bachelor of English Language and Literature Sep. 2008 to Jun. 2012
Xi’an International Studies University, School of English Studies 16/600 (Top3%)

Work Experience
Latest Experiences: China Western Power Industrial Corp. (Publicly listed company)
Position: Investment Manager for African countries. April.2014 – Present
Responsibilities include:
- Liaison with African governments and their embassies in China to search for energy and power generation related projects. Maintain good relations with them to seek their support to move forward with these projects.
- Contact and main good relations with applicable Chinese government departments and various commerce associations to seek their support for project resources. These governments’ agencies include Ministry of Commence, China-Africa Development Fund and EXIM bank etc.
- Coordinate among foreign and domestic companies to form consortiums and joint ventures for international project cooperation. Gathered and selected many outstanding enterprises in the African power industry.
- Provide Mandarin interpretation and other assistance for business meetings and negotiations with foreign guests.

Previous Experience: China Henan International Cooperation Group.
(Top 225 Global Contractors)
Assistant to the Managing Director in Africa. (Zambian Branch) July. 2012 – Feb.2014
- Marketing And Government Public Relations
Assisted the commercial manager in exploring the Kenyan market. Did research on local political, industrial and cultural environment, the supply of construction materials and potential bidders.
Assisted the manager to maintain and improve business relationships with various government departments and clients
- Contract Management
Composed bidding documents, attended bid openings, contract negotiations and monthly onsite meetings. Wrote business letters to the employer and engineer and maintained good business relationship with them.
Dealt with compensation related events when they occurred. Successfully retrieved compensation due to abrupt local wage increase and obtained around 150,000USD worth of compensation for the project.
- Chinese Translation & Interpretation
Translated FIDIC Conditions, bidding documents and project documents, and carried out Mandarin to English interpretation during conferences and other activities, etc.

- Test for English Major Level 8 (Excellent level)
- Shanghai Interpretation Accreditation Test (Advanced level)
- BEC Cambridge Business English Test (Higher level)

More ...
- Able to work under high pressure, highly motivated and well-organized.
- Good interpersonal skills, purpose-driven, creative and willing to rise to challenges.
- Fast learner with a sense of responsibility and commitment


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