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Chinese Translation in Baltimore, Maryland
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Chinese translator in Baltimore, Maryland and Wilmington, Delaware - Haiyan

In Baltimore, we provide Chinese translation and Mandarin interpretation services by our Chinese translators and Mandarin interpreters.  Specifically, one of the interpretation assignments that we completed was for T. Rowe Price when a Chinese fund management company visited them for three days in Baltimore.  We also provided Chinese translation services for other companies in Baltimore as well. 

Aside from our certified translators and interpreters who provide legal translation and interpretation services, our qualitfied translators and interpreters are also familiar with other industries such as technology, real estate, entertainment, etc.

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Our Chinese Translators in Baltimore, Maryland

Chinese translator in Baltimore, Maryland and Wilmington, Delaware - Haiyan

Baltimore Chinese Translator Coordinator: Melinda

Melinda is a Chinese translator and Mandarin interpreter in Baltimore, Maryland.  She currently resides in Baltimore.  She coordinates our Chinese translators in Baltimore.  

She is an asset in our Chinese translation team in Baltimore, Maryland.