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Los Angeles Earthquakes: Will Not Have Major Damages in the Next Two Years

Despite the dream of having a major earthquake near Beijing, China, the Psychic Twins, who predicted many events fairly accurately such as the September 11 terrorist attacks in the US, has informed us that there would be no catastrophic earthquakes in Los Angeles, or in the United States in the next two years or so.  However, there would be a major earthquake in China some time around September or October of 2010, with a magnitude as high as 7.0 or above.  Please contact us if you can predict earthquakes as well.

By Samuel Chong
March 16, 2010

Instead of a dream, the author, Samuel Chong, a Chinese translator in Los Angeles, awakes right after the 4.4 earthquake in Los Angeles in the early morning of March 16, 2010.  He first thought that his neighbors upstairs were doing their usual "thing".  However, he heard the noises of his garage doors, and he also felt his bed trembling.

It is a real earthquake in Los Angeles, a 4.4 degree one with an epicenter in Pico Rivera, as it turned out.  A minor earthquake in Los Angeles with no major damages.  It reminded him of the predictions of the Psychic Twins, who see no catastrophic earthquakes in California in the next two years or so. 

So, we are safe here, but not in China.  In his dream, millions of people died near Beijing, China, because of a major earthquake there.  So, he sought for help from the Psychic Twins, who predicted many things correctly in the past, and who has a track record of predicting earthquakes accurately.

"Will there be major earthquakes in China this year?"  This is the question posed to the Twins, Terry and Linda Jamison. 

Despite busily working on their new book and trying to secure their own TV show, they gladly gave Chong an answer.  "We do see another earthquake in China later this year, possibly around September or October. It will be as high as a 7.0+ magnitude."

To some people, it is difficult to predict earthquakes, sometimes nearly impossible.  However, according to one theory, psychics can predict the future because they can see things in 4 dimensions (3 dimensions + time), while people without psychic abilities can only see things in 3 dimensions.

The theory gives the analogy in which ants can only see in 2 dimensions (a flat plane) while a human being can see things in 3 dimensions. Certain future scenarios, such as a river in 3 dimension, or an earthquake happening in the future in 4 dimension, are set. Thus, a human can see a river crossing an ant's path in 3 dimension is similar to a psychic seeing an earthquake happening in the future in 4 dimension.

This theory, in turn, tries to explain why some psychics can predict things or can see things happened in the past.  Do you believe in this theory? Please contact us and let us know your thoughts.  Thank you.

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