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Baidu and the Chinese Government Behind the Cyber Attacks on Google? Both of Them Deny and Claim that They are the Victims

The company that benefited the most after the break out of the news that Google was being attacked by China and considered leaving there if necessary was Baidu, the Chinese search engine giant.  Were Baidu and the Chinese government behind the recent cyber attacks on Google and other companies?  Both of them deny and claim that they are the victims.  Indeed, Chinese companies are more vulnerable than American companies when being attacked (Especially now that the Trojan source code is in open domain).  The suspicion that Baidu and the Chinese government are behind the cyber attacks on Google will create a wave of revenge on Chinese companies and Chinese government agencies.

By Samuel Chong
January 24, 2010

Each time, Baidu has benefited from the fall out of Google in China.  Each time, Baidu's share prices increased when Google encountered problems in China.  Indeed, some people suspect that Baidu is the prime suspect behind the recent cyber attacks on Google as Chinese companies can "suggest" the government to engage in certain actions against foreign companies when necessary, especially when it is related to national security.

Although the attacks seem to come from China, both Baidu and the Chinese government vigorously denied their involvement.  They claim that they are the victim of cyber attacks as well.  Recently, Baidu was inaccessible for a few hours on January 12, 2010.  They claim that they were attacked by the Iranian Cyber Army, who attacked the US domain registration company .  Baidu is currently suing the company for negligence. 

Baidu is a company that many claim was the "Hooligan Search Engine" in China. It used to host many materials that infringed on the intellectual property rights such as mp3s, videos, etc.(Though now it is trying to comply with the applicable laws).  It used to bully Chinese small businesses and tried to "persuade" them to advertise on Baidu.  (If they did not, consequences would follow).  It also used many other tactics to increase its market share in China.  Most of its users are young, not-so-wealthy, relatively less educated compared the sophisticated, educated, and wealthy users of Google.  And they are easily angered and instigated by certain nationalistic events as well.  To say that Baidu is totally innocent is to say that Hitler did not kill any Jews, some say. (What would the Chinese government want Google's source code for? Although I personally hope and believe that Baidu might be innocent).

However, setting the questions aside, it is true that Chinese companies and government agencies are more prone to cyber attacks compared to US companies (provided that you sent them phishing emails in Chinese). If a revenge is launched at Chinese companies, Chinese companies will definitely face more loss. There were also incidents that Chinese military secrets were leaked on the Internet.

By all means, the Chinese cyber attack on Google is a terrible mistake.  Google is a reputable company that is being seen as doing good and creating conveniences for people around the world.  Google donates whenever natural disasters occur.  It also has a Google Foundation aimed at certain benevolent purposes.  (Does Baidu have them?)  If the Chinese cyber attacks were on companies that have a negative image in the US, things would have been much different!

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