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Cell Phones Cause Cancer, but Prevent Alzhermer's Disease? Only the Psychic Twins Know, Perhaps.

A new animal study has found that cell phone might reverse Alzhermer's disease, albeit the fact that cell phone radiations might cause brain cancer.  "Medical research studies should not be considered conclusive.  One day, a research, perhaps funded by cell phone companies, says that cell phone uses are good.  On another day, a research, perhaps funded by cell phone radiation protection companies, says that cell phone radiations causes brain cancer.  Today's world is so confusing with so many interests groups working together or against each other." Says a confused consumer. Perhaps only the Psychic Twins, the ones who correctly predicted the September 11th terrorist attacks on the New York World Trade Center know the truth.  What do you think?  Let us know of your thoughts.

By Samuel Chong
January 6, 2010

Los Angeles.  Research studies are probably the most confusing things in the world.  Results of a study come and people get scarred or excited.  Then, a few weeks later, another study shows exactly the opposite.  Who to believe?  The Chinese doctor, Chuanhai Cao, PhD, of the University of South Florida, who uses a cell phone and who believes that cell phone electromagnetic fields may help to reverse Alzhermer's disease in mice? or the brain surgeons who don't use cell phones and the legislators in the State of Maine who believe that cell phone uses have links to cancer?

"Neither.  I believe in the Psychic Twins, who correctly predicted the September 11th terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York." Says a psychic believer.  "I watch Psychic Detectives all the time.  They are believable and trustworthy.  On the other hand, the so-called scientists are so unpredictable and untrustworthy as they are easily influenced by the source of their grants. I want to know what the Psychic Twins have to say about cell phone use"

Others disagree.  "The effects of electromagnetic fields on human body is one of the least studied areas in the medical field.  Many new discoveries and medical breakthroughs will come out if more studies come out related to electromagnetic fields."  Says a Ph.D. student at the Medical School of University of Southern California.

"While Ginkgo Biloba does not help Alzhermer's disease, can you just say that cell phone helps?  Note that it is an animal study.  Humans and animals are different.  The study is inconclusive on the effects on human beings."  Says a skeptic.

"It is certainly a boost for the sales of cell phone handsets, especially for the people whose memories are deteriorating.  That's basically all people over 40 years old.  It is certainly a boost for the new Google Phone Nexus One, and Blackberry Curve Series."  Says Andy Zhang, a cell phone specialist.

We are confused, so are you.  What do you think?  Any strong beliefs?  Please let us know of your thoughts.

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