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Google's Nexus One, iPhone, Blackberry: Cell Phone Radiation Links to Cancer

Since cell phone radiation cancer risk is confirmed, will consumers pay attention to the radiation levels of Google phone Nexus One, priced at $530 unlocked, iPhone, or Blackerry? They should, but are their reliable radiations available to those who already have these smart phones? Please write to us and let us know.

By Samuel Chong
December 30, 2009

Los Angeles. Google will unveil Nexus One next week, with the price of $530 for the unlocked handset, or $180 with a two year contract with T-Mobile.  (Not free, as we suggested).  Several sites have listed the specifications of the new Google phone.  No one has mentioned about the radiation levels of Nexus One.  We shall compare the radiation levels of iPhone and Blackberry and then predict the radiation levels of the new Google phone, Nexus One.

Manufacturer Model Radiation Level
Apple iPhone 0.97W/kg
  iPhone 3G 0.24-1.39 W/kg
  iPhone 3G S 0.52-1.19 W/kg
Research in Motion (RIM) Blackberry 7100 Series 0.86-1.09 W/kg
  Blackberry 7250 1.27 W/kg
  Blackberry 7750 1.27 W/kg
  Blackberry 8800 Series 1.28-1.46 W/kg
  Blackberry Bold 1.51 W/kg
  Blackberry Curve Series 0.88-1.54 W/kg (Mostly above 1.00W/kg)
  Blackberry Pearl Series 1.00 to 1.48 W/kg
  Blackberry Storm Series 0.78 to 0.87 W/kg
  Blackberry Tour 1.43 W/kg
HTC (Manufacturer of Google's Nexus One) Imagio 0.498 W/kg
  Advantage 0.836 W/kg
  Cavalier S630, Dream, Fuze, Hero, Mogul, Ozone, 1.11 to 1.30 W/kg
  SMT5800 1.49 W/kg
  Snap Series 1.03 to 1.32 W/kg
  Touch Series 0.826 to 1.43 W/kg
Nexus One (Google Phone) Nexus One 1.00 to 1.49 W/kg?

From the chart above, you can see that iPhone and Blackberry Storm probably have one of the lower radiation levels, while Blackberry Curve series has one of the highest radiation levels.  Google's Nexus One will probably fall in between.

Looking for cell phones with the lowest radiation levels?  Please see the list below.

Rank Model Radiation Level W/kg
1 Beyond E-Tech Duet D8 0.109
2 Samsung Eternity SGH-A867 0.194
3. Samsung Blue Earth 0.196
4 Samsung SGH-G800 0.23
5 Samsung Soul 0.24
6 Samsung Impression SGH-A877 0.27
7 Samsung Innov8 0.287
8. Beyond E-Tech Duet D888 0.32
9 Samsung SGH-T229 0.383
10 Samsung SGH-A167 0.452

As you can see from the list, most of the models are manufactured by Samsung, the Korean company.  Maybe the Koreans are more conscious about the well beings of our Americans?  Thanks for their consideration.

With cell phone cancer risk confirmed, aside from using a Bluetooth or a speaker phone, will radiation protection of cell phones be possible?  Please let us know.

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