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It's been a few years since Angola stopped its civil unrest.  This oil rich and diamond abundant nation is in need of foreign products and services to build itself.  China, the United States, and South Africa have been trying to fill themselves in.  Thus, it is the time for an Angola news provider to the Chinese and English speaking world to be born.  Please write to us should you have any Angola related news that you wish to be posted here.

By Samuel Chong
December 21, 2009

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English and Portuguese Translation Services in Luanda, Angola

Los Angeles. When oil ministers of OPEC countries meet in Luanda, Angola, they might be surprised to find few English or Chinese speaking media in the country.  Indeed, it is difficult to get the news out.  After the civil war ended a few years ago, Angola's vast natural resources, mainly high grade diamonds and petroleum, remain untapped.  Foreign countries, such as China, the United States, and South Africa, have been trying to exchange products and services for oil and diamonds in Angola.  However, much of the information is unavailable in Chinese or English.  We are trying to provide it, but we need your help.

As a Chinese translation service provider with a world view, so far, we are the only company in the world that offers Chinese translation services in Luanda, Angola.  Through our professional translators, we are able to provide English to Portuguese and Portuguese to English translation, as well as Chinese to Portuguese and Portuguese to Chinese translation.  Thus, if you have news that you'd like to get out, you have found the right company.

Little news is written on Angola.  If it were not for the OPEC meeting, many people in the United States may not know that Luanda is the Capital of Angola.  We are trying to help, but we need your help as well.

Please, if you have any news, or if you'd like to place an advertisement, please write to us, as we may be able to do it for you free of charge.  See our pro bono translation services.  You may send us your news or advertisements in Portuguese, English, or Chinese.  We read all of these three languages.

We are particularly interested in news or advertisements that help the developments of Angola.  While others have focused on frivolous issues of high number of passport loss notices on Angola newspapers (the author did not know that Chinese government is one of the few governments in the world that requires a notice to be placed on local newspapers should a passport be lost or stolen), we tend to focus on investment or project related news and advertisements.  As you can see, we know Chinese culture. We also know American culture.  And we are here to help.

Thus, write to us if you have any needs.  Information about the editor, Samuel Chong, can be found at . If there is enough interest, we will create a special section for Angola.

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