Certified Medical Interpreters
Chinese Medical Translators and Mandarin Medical and Health Care Interpreters Provided by Abacus Chinese Translation Services

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Abacus Chinese Translation Services provides certified medical interpreters including Chinese medical translators and Mandarin medical and health care interpreters.

Certified Medical Interpreters

Certified medical interpreters are also known as certified health care interpreters.  Currently, the Washington State is the only state that has health care interpreters' certification program.  However, the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care has formed the National Coalition on Healthcare Interpreter Certification to develop a national health care interpreters' certification program.

Chinese Medical Translators

We provide Chinese medical translators who are certified by American Translators Association.  For specialized Chinese medical translations, our qualify of translation is unmatched.

Mandarin Medical and Health Care Interpreters

Although Washington State is the only state in the United States that offer health care interpreters certification program, we can provide you with Chinese medical interpreters who are either certified by the court or who have years of experiences interpreting in the health care system. Please contact us for more information.