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Lucy Rivero is a hostess, TV anchorwoman, Spanish translator and interpreter, entrepreneur.

She graduated from University of California, Los Angeles, Extension Program with a certification in Spanish translation and interpretation.  During the O.J. Simpson trial, Lucy participated as an expert Spanish interpreter in the television program O J Tonight and highlighted the inconsistencies between what Rosa Lopes (a witness) said while on the stand, and what the court appointed interpreters rendition was of the events. As a reporter and later an anchor for KLCS News, Lucy had over 200 interviews with dignitaries ranging from Former president William Jefferson Clinton; Former 1st Lady Barbara Bush, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, etc. She produced and hosted The Solterón, a TV reality show in Bolivia

Below is a description of herself using her own words:

My strong suit is in: Spanish translation, interpretation, consecutive and simultaneous and voice-over for television and film. Accents: Cuban, Argentinean, Castilian, Chilean and Mexican.

I have been delivering clear messages for some of California’s top cities, companies and governmental entities for over 18 years, from San Diego to San Francisco and in between.

About myself:
- I graduated from UCLA with a certification in translating and interpreting in 1992. I began my work as an interpreter for the courts long before I graduated UCLA

- I spearheaded a mass movement/protest against the courts in the early 90’s when in their zeal to end unlawful workmen’s comp claims and inflated chiropractor and doctor fees they attempted to reduce interpreter’s fees by almost ½. Over 500 interpreters were present for the hearing and we walked away victorious after only 2 speakers addressed the court, I was the second and last speaker.

- Received recognition awarded by the LAUSD Board president, Mark Slavkin for interpreting the statements of over 60 witnesses on the Chanda Smith consent decree hearings in just two days, with admirable efficiency and accuracy. Similar but commendations and recognitions followed.

- In 1994, together with Professor Robert A. Pugsley, I participated in the television program O J tonight; this was a summarized version on what transpired in court that day during the trial. I came in as an expert interpreter and was asked to highlight the inconsistencies between what Rosa Lopes (a witness) said while on the stand, and what the court appointed interpreters rendition was of the events. Shortly after the segment aired’ judge Ito’s interpreter was immediately relieved from her duties due to serious inconsistencies in her interpretation.

- Soon thereafter I began a career sitting in courtrooms and depositions with the sole purpose of catching flaws in opposing counsels interpreters.

- In 1997 I became a reporter and later and anchor for KLCS News. I have over 200 interviews with dignitaries ranging from Former president William Jefferson Clinton; Former 1st Lady Barbara Bush, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein and Mayor Reordan, to name a few.

- Also, in 1997 I had the privilege of sharing the ring with Oscar De La Hoya and his former trainer “Choláy” during a worldwide press conference after Oscar’s bout with Pernell Whitaker in Las Vegas.

- I also interpreted for Governor Gray Davis and former Mexican president Ernesto Zedillo (photo on cover of LA times)

- In 1998 I became the Spanish editor for:

Upper-cut magazine and
Parent Magazine (in Spanish).

- In 1999 I hosted a televised talk show where students from Hollywood high spoke openly about the stigma of being gay in high school.

- In 99, together with my husband Alex, produced and directed ½ a dozen Public Service Announcements for: Literacy, The PAL after school programs and the LAUSD Police department.

- In 2000 I worked on a joint project with LACOE that had 15 thousand dollars in seed money for a migrant program for schools all across Southern California. I was successful in pulling it together from a simple box of photos to telling a story on (video) with interviews and first hand accounts. When it was presented in Sacramento, this yielded the 75 thousand dollars needed to implement the program. My experience in the fields up North at 5:00 in the morning with the migrant workers was priceless.

- In 30 days I produced and shot my first documentary entirely in the jungles of the Amazon and the snow capped highlands of Bolivia, South America.

- I formed part of the none-profit “Ayuda al Niño Boliviano”. For 10 years I have assisted this foundation in several capacities including event producer and master of ceremonies helping to garner $1000,s of dollars for the orphaned children in Mexico and Bolivia.

- In March of 2010 our production company attended 3 red carpet events in three different cities for the release of our 1st reality show. The 13th episode of The Solterón aired last Saturday in South America and was a huge success! I was an executive producer and host of this program.

- We are in the final stages of pre production for our next project.

I am most proud of the long lasting relationships I have kept with my long time clients through the years.

I believe in doing things “right here right now” whenever possible. Experience has taught me to never over promise and under deliver.

I know that changing things up and keeping it fresh will keep me happy and engaged; this is has been key in my success thus far.

Being a consumer as well as an interpreter has given me the insight I need to anticipate what my clients are looking for: They expect my services to be accurate, expeditious, under budget and uncomplicated.

Conference interpreting:

Logistics related to interpreting your event, including translation of staff development training manuals, minutes, agendas, safety rules, etc. will be expertly handled by me and are required in advance for prompt delivery.

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